Thursday, November 17, 2016

REVIEW: The Silent Celeb Lets Her Voice Be Heard with New Project

by Cyrus Webb

"I just want to be great." ~ GOOD MUSIC from THE SILENT CELEBRITY PROJECT

If you are like me and just discovering the artist known as The Silent Celeb consider yourself fortunate that you don't have to end the year without experiencing her lyrical gift. Through THE SILENT CELEBRITY PROJECT we are introduced to an artist that is able to express herself in a way that allows you to just press play on her Soundcloud page and just let the music take it from there.

The Silent Celeb has a real talent, and we know that with so many artists being recognized for their showmanship and bravado rather than their actual ability to deliver great music that is a rarity that lovers of good music will appreciate it. Whether it is through the single FUNNY where she makes it clear she doesn't like to share those she loves. "'Til I get some time with you," she sings, "nothing else will ever do."

In QUOTE ME The Silent Celeb opens up about her feelings even more. "They don't make them like you no more...I'm not sure what this feeling is,"she confesses, "but I like the way this feeling feels."

Though all six tracks are worth a listen, my favorite on the project is definitely GOOD MUSIC. For anyone who has ever felt as though their particular talent or gift is not enough, this song is for you. In a mixture of spoken word and song The Silent Celeb delivers a lyrical indictment on the industry that she is a part of.

"They say my voice got flair," she sings, "something people need to hear, but with this look I won't get no where." What does she want? "Just let me make good music," she responds. "That's all I want to do." And that is exactly what she is doing. This project is not about trying to be trendy. It's all about giving her best to the world, knowing that is enough.  "I refuse to sit back and just nod and grin to appease to your marketing," she sings. "I let the people choose whether you refuse, because I don't rock dresses or designer shoes." (continued below)

In a stirring spoken word bridge by DaRuddestJones the single asks these questions that all of us can ponder: "Am I supposed to look in the mirror and not know the person looking back at me? Am I supposed to conform, or am I supposed to strive against the grain so people can see the real me? Is my talent less than the best because you don't like what you see when you look at me? Why do we place stipulations on self-worth? Why can't you look at me and love me for my own individuality?" At the end of the day the single GOOD MUSIC relays something we can all relate to: "I just want to be great. I just...want to be... great."

From track to track The Silent Celeb lets her voice be heard in this project, and we can be sure this is only a taste of what's to come.

Stay connected with The Silent Celeb on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. You can purchase the project on Tidal.

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