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Conversations Magazine Feb./March 2017

Conversations Magazine Feb./March 2017
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Friday, March 24, 2017

ALL NEW: The Ladies of Blush Return to Conversations

2017 has already been a busy year for the ladies of BLUSH, the latest group founded by music veteran Mathew Knowles.

Thanks to their social media they have been able to chronicle the journey for their fans around the world, touring with their music, meeting their supporters and preparing for the release of their video for the new single WORK.

Sunni, Bunni Ray and Tali stopped by #ConversationsLIVE radio just days after this year's SXSW events and talked about the year they have had, what it's been like to share who they are as artists and what they hope others realize is possible when it comes to pursuing their goals and dreams.

 Listen to the full interview below:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Literary Advocate and host of Reading Rainbow LeVar Burton stops by Conversations

He is known as an actor, director, host of Reading Rainbow and literary advocate. LeVar Burton has been a part of our lives for decades and continues to be a source of inspiration for individuals for all ages.
He stopped by #ConversationsLIVE recently to talk with host Cyrus Webb about his remarkable journey in the public and why it has been so important for him to share the joy of reading with the world.

Listen to the full interview below:    

MODEL CITIZEN: Monique Navratil

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, 21 year old Monique Navratil is off to a great start in 2017 pursuing her modeling dreams---and nothing is going to stop her.

Conversations was able to catch up with the driven young woman and discuss her goals and dreams and what it's been like for her to do work that she loves. Monique even shares advice for others out there about the importance of pursuing your passion,.

What is it that keeps you inspired towards pursuing your goals and dreams?
My inspiration and motivation derives my creative passion and my want to make my family proud and to soak up all of the opportunities that my parents and grandparents fought so hard for me to have.

When did you first realize that model or acting was something you were interested in?
I began dancing in my early childhood, but as I slowly grew older my interest into acting and modelling soon begun to sprout. I began acting classes at the age of 10. However, I did not begin modelling until the age of 18/19.

What are some of the goals you have for yourself in 2017?
I want to set new standards for myself with my modelling career. I want to refine my skill set, re-freshen my portfolio and make more time for my modelling. The past few years I have been busy with my studies and charity work I was not able to make sufficient time for my modelling. 2017 is going to be the year that I make time and pursue every avenue that I can.

How as social media helped you in sharing your gifts and talents with the world?
Social media is a great outlet for sharing and following others journeys with their passions. It definitely keeps me motivated and allows me to aim higher than I ever thought I could.

What advice would have you have for anyone—regardless of their profession—when it comes to pursuing their own goals?
Never give up on your dreams. Not matter how unachievable they may seem. As a young girl I was quite shy and would have never dreamed of achieving all that I have so far. Nothing is unachievable. All you need to do is put a little bit of faith into yourself, tell yourself that you can do it and watch what the universe brings to you.

Stay connected with Monique at and

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrity Stylist Eboni J shares her journey to success on #ConversationsLIVE

Host Cyrus Webb welcomes celebrity stylist Eboni J to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her journey to doing work that she loves, what it has been like to see her work recognized and how she is able to take risks and see them pay off.

"It's been an amazing journey," she said during the interview. "It comes with a lot of responsibility. In the public eye you see the final look, but a lot of people don't understand there are days...months that go into creating that perfect look for your client. It's not something that is done in one day."

Follow her journey on Instagram at Listen to the full interview below:     

Lauren Drummond of the Putnam Co. Wine & Food Fest stops by #ConversationsLIVE

Lauren Drummond, founder of the Putnam County Wine & Food Fest stops by #ConversationsLIVE to discuss this year's event which will be hosted by actor/recording artist Antonio Fargas and what it's been like to see the growth over the past 7 years.

 Listen to the interview below and find out more information about the festival at

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Actor Yohance Myles Shares His Acting Journey on Conversations

Actor Yohance Myles stops by #ConversationsLIVE the radio show to talk with host Cyrus Webb about his career and what it's been like to do what he loves.

"It's a tedious journey to find a balance," Yohance said during the interview, discussing the balance of work and family life. "It's awesome...but has its challenges."

Yohance says his mother realized early on that he was creative, and later he was able to harness that creativity in many ways, including acting. He says that one of the great opportunities as an actor is telling stories, and he has been able to do that in a variety of projects.

Stay connected with Yohance on Twitter and Instagram. You can listen to his interview on #ConversationsLIVE below:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fitness Trainer/Model & Entrepreneur Mustang stops by #ConversationsLIVE

Fitness Trainer turned model and entrepreneur Mustang is living the life of his dreams---and he is just getting started.

"I have always been goal-driven," Mustang said to #ConversationsLIVE's Cyrus Webb. "When I set a goal I focus on it and go from there."

Being around leaders all of his life has helped him to lead, and that leadership is how he has been able to build on his brand as a model and entrepreneur. How has he not allowed fear to stop him? Mustang says it is his faith that keeps him going, and he says the sky's the limit to how far he can go.

You can stay connected with him on Instagram at He also has a calendar available for purchase at

Listen to Mustang's interview on #ConversationsLIVE below.