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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Media Personality/Author Cyrus Webb Releases New Book, WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY

 What do actress Chandra Currelley, bestselling author Jackie Collins, actors Isaiah Washington, Philip K. Boyd, Kim Coates and Jamie Kennedy as well as comedians Cocoa Brown and media personality Leeza Gibbons all have in common? They all made a choice to live life on purpose.

 In his first inspirational book WORDS I CHOOSE TO LIVE BY Mississippi’s own media personality and author Cyrus Webb shared with you his own daily mantras that have helped to keep him focused and grounded as he was striving to walk in his purpose. Now he is excited to announce that in his new book WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY he’s sharing over 30 profiles of individuals he has met and interviewed who have not just embraced the power of words but used them to find success in their fields. Award-winning authors, filmmakers, actors, producers, comedians, recording artists and entrepreneurs reveal how they have stayed the course in the face of challenges---and how you can do the same.

The book WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY (featuring Webb and actress/recording artist Chandra Currelley of the hit show FOR BETTER OR WORSE on the Oprah Winfrey Network on the cover) is available on at Webb’s first book-signing in Mississippi for the project will be Sat. August 5th from 11-1p.m. at the Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS). Copies of the book are only $12 or you can purchase 2 for only $20. Autographed copies of the book are available for only $15, including shipping at

For more information contact Cyrus Webb at or at 601.896.5616. You can also stay updated on his website

Friday, July 28, 2017


by Cyrus Webb

I think we have all been there. Seen that a relationship---whether it's a friendship, business associate or something more intimate---come to a place where we know it's over but no one seems to want to admit it.

I think when I first heard Mason Ashley single STRANGERS and watched the powerful video for it I knew it was something special. It was a story I have lived---and if I'm honest when it comes to some partnerships am still living---and that is what makes it a song that everyone can relate to.

Mason has a way of making you feel every word she is singing and feel the emotion behind it. What she conveys in STRANGERS is that we do ourselves a disservice by holding on to those and things that no longer do us any good. The separation might be difficult but it is necessary if we want to grow and truly be happy.

Powerfully delivered and something that is sure to touch the heart of the listener, STRANGERS is a song that reminds us not to forget ourselves for the sake of just being in a relationship.

Get this single on Stay connected with Mason on Twitter at and our website

Ashley D. Merritt: Proving with Hard Work and Dedication Anything Is Possible

by Cyrus Webb

She's an actress, dancer and model and a true lover of life.

When I first connected with Ashley D. Merritt* in 2016 through my friends at Grapevine PR, she had announced her being a part of what is now another hit for AMC Network, the show THE SON. Now as 2017 has unfolded she is not just celebrating that show but the film BROKEN as well.

Full of appreciation for where she is at this point in her career, Ashley doesn't take anything for granted. "It is always so hard to stop everything and say 'Oh my goodness, this really happened.' That's been the whole reaction for me," she told me during our conversation. "Everything has been so surreal to me," but she added that everything was also coming together in a way that was amazing.

Though many are just discovering that many talents that Ashley has, this is a journey that began at a young age for her. "It's been about keep moving forward, being better each and every day," she told me. "I feel going through this process this is something I've been working towards. I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be in this career. I feel really blessed to have this perspective."

Ashley told me that she has always been inspired by the creative process. "Anything that's different and unique that is what I've always been drawn to," she shared. For her whether it is acting, dancing or modeling she wants to give people a different perspective of the world you don't normally see.

When I asked where her appreciation for what she has been able to do comes from, she was quick to credit the sacrifices and encouragement of her parents. " I see their sacrifices, and that's what keeps me going."

Ashley realizes that the gifts and opportunities she has been afforded are bigger than her. "It's about leaving the world a better place," she says. She wants to encourage everyone to be themselves and to accept who they are and walk in their greatness.

Her message to us all? You can do anything! It's all about being comfortable in your own skin, learning to cherish that and wear it with pride.

Stay connected with Ashley on Twitter at and on Instagram at

*  Photos provided by Ashley D. Merritt

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Poetry by James Gordon aka G. P. A., the Greatest Poet Alive

Sleep Watcher
by G.P.A.

As if it were a Broadway play, I watch you sleep.
Alternating soft and loud snores are melodious.
When you toss and turn, reach for more cover, or reach for me, liken to dancers adeptly, effortlessly, and powerfully expressing themselves.
If it seems interlopers called nightmares seek to interrupt a comforting hand and kiss upon your forehead.
A captive audience am I, when I watch you sleep.
Pleasant Sunday and Good Morning Gorgeous

Who Else
by G.P.A.

 Synonyms are what I look up to discover further superlatives to describe
Day and night, stare into the depths of the sky smiling.
My plate has more fruits and vegetables on it, so when I devour, nutrition and satiation arrive
Sip Jameson in shots and full pour like its genetic makeup gives me life

You are, after God, the middle and all that surrounds
You are abundance that continues to flourish
You bring joy with the idea of your existence
You are silly to believe that it is not you

Stand under the shower and soak in the calming water for the longest time
Run determined in inclimate weather as if it were a mere inconvenience
Instinctively place my thumbs to caress the air around
Blow kisses in every direction on a constant basis

 Before we were born and ever met
Whether we occupy personal spaces or intimate distances
The defining of the bridge from something to everything
From this life to the ones to follow

James Gordon, better known as G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), is an international award winning author, champion storyteller, and rising actor from the South side of Chicago. He has written several books that span the genres of poetry, children's, young adult, erotica, and mystery and suspense. James can be seen on episodes of Empire, Chicago Fire,PD,Med, Justice, Shameless, and several movies as well s commercials. He can be found at his website and on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive

POETRY: Two Royal Halves by Joy Elan

Two Royal Halves

Your head, shaved from your mane
It's your domain
You're Samson; you cut your own hair and still had your strength
Full of thoughts and creativity, waiting to flow through your mouth when you speak
Your eyes, a beautiful brown
A shade I can't describe
Your lips, full and powerful
They amaze people because of the things you say
And bring people closer to you because of your smile
Or make them run away because you speak the truth
Your truth brings a person's true character out of the shadows
Your face is a golden brown
So pure and beautiful
Soft yet tough, a balance in the life you live
Your hands are strong
To protect yourself and others
And also to create and bring to life the thoughts you've created
Your chest and stomach, made of steel and gentle to feel
Your legs, muscular and dashing
Altogether you're a warrior, a king
Everything about you says leader and power
To know one day that I'll be joined with you
Brings a sense of light out of me
Revelations of my destinations
Past, present and future
Attracted to you
To rewrite history in the present time
Live the life of ancient kings and queens from lifetimes ago
You're the combined person that I've dreamed of
A person I thought didn't exist
You've been in my life all along
My grandparents represented you and I
A marriage that I've always honored
The signs were all there
And I'm aware of them
Only have to bring them to life
To show I'm worthy
I know who I am
A mind quick to learn and speak the truth
A body of a warrior goddess
Eyes to reflect and deflect what I'm thinking and feeling
Hands ready to fight although I don't
My mouth, tongue twisted because
My brain processes so fast that I want to speak everything into existence
Yet I hold back in case the wrong thought comes out
But the truth is never held back
My chest, safe for my child to run to
Because she remembers the nourishment it provides
My womb, strong enough to carry a warrior and royalty
And hips and thighs to support it
My legs are muscular for running
And going the distances that I'm destined to go
My hair is a mane also, to show my royalty and attract attention
I'll be sharing the throne with you
Two powerful yet peaceful people brought into existence
To show the world that there are generous people who want to help others
And they'll listen
Because we command attention and respect
They'll bow down to us
Because we've been living amongst them
To show how people can come from nothing
And get to the highest place
Only because they were destined to.

by Joy Elan

POETRY: You Saved Me! by Regina Duggins

You Saved Me!

I am alive today because someone loved me in a very special way.
As the suicidal thoughts plagued my mind one day.
Between my ears lies my eyes
Looking through my eyes
Lies the windows to my soul
But in my head
where all the memories goes
and reoccurring storms flow
when it subsides and causes my brain waves to ignite
I had a premonition of a dreadful flight.
I was planning my consummation
Soaring off into oblivion one night.
Wanting to release myself
From this casket shaped design of a
Voluptuous Woman
Who was always critically defined
Because of the openness of her mind.
I am alive today because someone loved me
In a very special way.
I cared for the world
But often times behind my back the world
Didn’t care for me, the same.
I am an educated, strong, independent black woman
But some only allow themselves to see
My openly sexuality
I refuse to change whom I am to assimilate in your formed
And even when I’m at strongest point a tear drop falls
My head slumps low
My heart hardens and my soul cringes from deep within my core.
My mind can only accept this as a way of escaping the battle
or journey from within by ending it in a quick instant.
Wanting my soul to tiptoe across the clear blue skies
A soft voice from the outside came and whispered to my ears on the inside,
“No, Not Yet! Your life isn’t done Yet….
You have so much to share come back and come down off the edge.
I’m here, and I’ll show you that there’s more to life because I care.
I care that you are here! Your mere existence erased all of my fears.
Your strength poured into my pores and I feel that I can live once more.
How can I live my life through you? If, You aren’t here.”

So I began to gather my thoughts and sat “selfish” up under the stairs.
I was happy again because for that instance,
Someone showed me how much they truly cared.

by Regina Duggins

POETRY: 8 Minutes by Regina Duggins

8 Minutes

Brain cells begin to die after 1 minute without oxygen.
Serious brain damage is likely to occur 3 minutes without breathing.
But it took 2 men to hold me down, and  in less than 2 minutes my life was turned upside down.
Two times too many have I heard the stories that ended in
I’m sorry.
In 4 minutes a couple can make eye contact
Endorphins in the brain cause them to feel love, lust, a new need for the other.
The adrenaline increases the intimacy
I feel nervous,
I can’t talk,
It doesn’t feel natural,
Should I blink or will I lose the moment.
I learned the truth that you weren’t for me as I was for you.
A mere distraction, refined and anew
The longest silence in my life,
The hardest anger that I had encounter
55 months of marriage; I’ve never thought about what you were thinking.
I realized I needed you and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else but you.
Let alone never speaking again to you.
I’ll be ready in 5 minutes is exactly as I’ll be home in 5 minutes.
Equivalent to the sum of two and three; one more than four;
My tears trickled down my face and formed puddles of pain, regret, fears, hurt, desperation, hopelessness, all your lies streamed down like a river running over the hard wood parchment floors.
Creating six ways to the days leading to seven that I’ll be able to let go and count the ways the weeks rolled into months and months into years.
You made the days stand still when you pierced my heart with all of your fears.
Finally, 8 minutes came of despair.
Eight weeks, two missed periods, the ultrasound is done but you find out the heartbeat that once moved rapidly was failing faint and then there was none.
Like the night when it all happened a three-some with two male individuals who could have been the babies daddy?
The tragedy ended but my heart has never mended.
But for eight minutes, I was reminded that a creation had descended from my body saving me from the shame and regrets from the memory that he or she could have belonged to anybody.
8 minutes of heartache without a name!

by Regina Duggins