Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

One on One with author Sonya Howell Barrow

by Cyrus Webb

 Sonya, first of all congratulations on Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of

 FIRE Inspirations.” What has it been like for you to see the response to the book?

 Thank you.  Also, thank you for allowing me to showcase my book on your platform.

Since the book launch of my FIRE inspirations, my heart has been bursting with pride and joy as I have turned my dream of becoming a published author into the reality.  During the past several weeks my readers have contacted me via email, Facebook messenger as well as in-person just to let me know how proud they are of me and my published works.  Readers really enjoyed reading my FIRE inspirations and emphasized how my bullet comments encouraged them to have a positive mindset.  

  Is inspiring others something you have always wanted to do or felt led to do?

 As a single parent of two African American young men (my heartbeats) and a Retired United States Army Chief Warrant Officer Five with over 26 years of active-duty military service, I have always strived to be an inspiration to others.  I always encourage my children, family, friends, Soldiers and other to develop a positive mindset.  My # 1 motivation to myself and to others is always “so can you” because you can and you will get it done.

 Talk with our readers about the meaning of FIRE for you?

 My inspirations were written with a purpose which are centered around my tagline, “FIRE

Igniting the Joy and Love Within.”

                                                                BE FEARLESS.

                                                                BE INSPIRED.

                                                                BE RESILIENT.

                                                                BE EMPOWERED.

 Each of my FIRE Inspirations is showcased with a color that represents my Authorpreneur Sonya Brand.  BE FEARLESS is represented by Magenta.   BE INSPIRED is represented by Purple.  BE RESILIENT is represented by Red.  BE EMPOWERED is represented by Yellow.  My FIRE Inspirations are a reminder for me to continue to live my best and blessed life.

 My FIRE Inspirations are the chapter names within Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of  FIRE Inspirations,” and Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of  FIRE Inspirations: For Journaling.”  Each chapter was written in an attempt to help ignite the burning desire that is inside each of us.  The bullet comments that follow each FIRE inspiration within the main guide is what enabled me to ignite my FIRE, change my mindset and get out of my own way.   

One of the things you have written about is the importance of self-love. How has that helped you in life?

 Although individuals may have quit on me, I am reminded to never quit on myself.  This is why self-love is very important to me. I am my #1 fan, because I will always love myself first.  Therefore, it is important that I show up for myself and cheer for myself.  More importantly, I will always ignite my FIRE  and take a chance on the Beautiful, Empowered, Triumphant Soldier Girl, that’s me.  So, as I continue to live my best and blessed life I will always “BET” on me.

  Has it been easy for you to embrace your role as a coach, helping others on their own journey?

 No, my journey to embrace my role as a life-coach has not been easy.  Simply because although change is inevitable, some individuals are fearful of change.  These individuals have not chosen to be fearless as they refuse to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.  Individuals who appreciate lessons learned are ready to be inspired as they forge ahead on their life’s journey. Some individuals realize they need to be resilient in order to pursue their purpose with passion. Whereas individuals with the be empowered mindset are unstoppable champions in pursuit of their goals, dreams and ambitions.

 When did you realize that was a gift you had been given?

 Perhaps having the gift came naturally for me.  Especially since the name Sonya has Ukrainian and Russian origins and means “wisdom.”  Because of my natural wisdom and the belief that a better day is coming, I always strive to maintain a positive mindset.  By doing this, it allows me to continuously defy my life’s obstacles by not becoming a statistic. Ultimately, my two heartbeats are my “Why” I overcame many obstacles.  My FIRE inspirations are my “How” I overcame these obstacles.  My upcoming memoir entitled, “SHE IS ME!  Defying My Life’s Obstacles By Not Becoming A Statistic, Book-I:  The Struggle Is Real and Book-II: Smile For Me” provides my “What” obstacles I overcame. 

 Speaking about your experience writing the book, how did Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of  FIRE Inspirations” come about?

 Nikki, my cousin and my very first best friend, recommended that I write my very own inspirational quote guide.  Nikki enjoyed reading my FIRE Inspirations that are showcased on my social media platforms daily and was motivated by them.  Nikki believes others will benefit from reading my FIRE Inspirations too.

 When people finish reading the book what do you hope it does for them?

 After reading “Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of  FIRE Inspirations” I hope readers are inspired to ignite their burning FIRE and never lose focus on being their own best friend.  I hope readers are encouraged to practice mindful journaling by utilizing Sonya’s Little Book Of Quotes A Coffee Table Guide of  FIRE Inspirations:  For Journaling.”  Mindful journaling will allow writers to be present and show up for their emotions.  The journaling guide will allow writers to interpret my FIRE inspirations and write down their own personal thoughts and feelings without interruptions.

  Any advice you want to share for aspiring writers out there?

 The advice that I share with aspiring writers is the same advice that I tell myself, which is, “What are you afraid of?  Tomorrow is not promised.  It is time to take the chance on you.”  I want writers to remember to be grateful to those who tell you “NO!”  The “NO” will continue to force you to BE FEARLESS.  BE INSPIRED.  BE RESILIENT.  BE EMPOWERED.  You are in control of the outcome of “YOUR” own destiny.  Remember that “YOU” hold the pen in your hand to write the future that God has planned for you.  So, it’s Go Time!  Be fearless and write your book.

 Thanks for your time, Sonya. How can our readers stay connected with you?

Readers can connect with me via my social media platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  However, the easiest way to access my social media platforms, my Calendly and my website is via my Link Tree URL at

Also, if you would like to stay up to date on all of my upcoming book projects (solo and collaborations), or if you would like to book an appointment with me or to simply get a daily dose of my FIRE Inspirations please visit my website at



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