Conversations Mag's Dec./Jan. 2021 Issue

Conversations Mag's Dec./Jan. 2021 Issue

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Conversations' Top Books of 2020

 Conversations is excited to share its picks for Top Books of 2020. Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group, reveals the books that stood out to him that he believes you will enjoy as well. 

Enjoy the list and make plans to add some to your reading list. 

Conversations' Top Non-Fiction Books of 2020 (Listed in no particular order)

  1. Short Stories by Columbus Short
  2. When Time Stopped by Ariana Neumann
  3. Demagogue by Larry Tye 
  4. Healing Words: Life Lessons to Inspire by Mary Ellen Ciganovich
  5. The Answer Is... by Alex Trebek
  6. S.T.O.R.I.E.S. by Tracy Carzell
  7. From $6 An Hour to a Million Dollar Dream by Cayman Kelly
  8. Shifting Shadows by Herman Mendoza
  9. We Hardly Knew Them by Pat Morgan
  10. 60 Stories About 30 Seconds by Bruce Van Dusen
  11. Beyond the Holocaust by Sylvie Heyman 
  12. Stepping Stones by Marilea C. Rabasa
  13. MS-13 by Steven Dudley
  14. The World Looks Different Now by Margaret Thomson 
  15. The Drudge Revolution by Matthew Lysiak
  16. Shortlisted by Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson
  17. The Second Chance Club by Jason Hardy
  18. Side-Chick by Jamiah Alexander 
  19. She Come By It Natural by Sarah Smarsh
  20. Poisoned Water by Candy J. Cooper/ Marc Aronson
  21. The Baddest B*tch in the Room by Sophia Chang
  22. Educated for Freedom by Anna Mae Duane
  23. Say I'm Dead by E. Dolores Johnson
  24. A Mother's Grace by Michelle Moore 
  25. Abandoned by Anne Kim

Conversations' Top Fiction Books of 2020 (Listed in no particular order)

  1. Triumph by Jodi Lea Stewart
  2. Final Judgment by Marcia Clark
  3. On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe
  4. Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger
  5. Lies We Tell Ourselves by Steena Holmes
  6. Departure by Joseph Reid
  7. Daylight by David Baldacci
  8. The Moon Always Rising by Alice C. Early
  9. A Good Family by A. H. Kim
  10. My Daddy's Baby Too by Charmaine Marie
  11. This Won't End Well by Camille Pagan
  12. What It Seems by Emily Bleeker
  13. The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter
  14. World of Rage by A. Shane Etter
  15. Snapshots by Eliot Parker
  16. You Can Go Home Now by Michael Elias
  17. When I was You by Amber Garza
  18. The Unspoken by Ian K. Smith
  19. Enduring Times by Betty Godfrey
  20. Hide Away by Jason Pinter
  21. The Menu by Steven Manchester
  22. In the Deep by Loreth Anne White
  23. Contempt by Michael Cordell
  24. The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher
  25. Chaos by Andrew Hess

Conversations' Top Reads for Younger Readers and Audiences (Listed in no particular order)

  1. The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan
  2. Becoming Muhammad Ali by James Patterson and Kwame Alexander
  3. Sing Like No One's Listening by Vanessa Jones
  4. Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes
  5. Girls Can! by Marissa Sebastian, Tora Shae Pruden and Paige Towler
  6. Skyhunter by Marie Lu
  7. We're All Not the Same, But We're Still Family by Theresa Fraser and Eric E. W. Fraser
  8. Prince and His Mother's Crown by Shellice Beharie
  9. Dancing Monkeys In My Soup! by S. F. Hardy
  10. Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams
  11. Desiree Davenport: Welcome to Treeless Park by Chental Song Bembry
  12. Show Me History: Walt Disney by Mark Shulman and Otis Frampton 

      Saturday, November 28, 2020

      One-On-One with Recording Artist Robert Eberle

      by Cyrus Webb

      During 2020 I discovered recording artists Robert Eberle, Don Da Menace and Ethan from Versa the Band. They had come together to bring to life the single ENOUGH. 

      It tackles the times we are living in, not just with the pandemic but what we see when it comes to racial profiling and the shooting of unarmed people of color. 

      In this One-On-One I talked with Robert about his journey and the music. 

      Robert,  thanks for the time, and congratulations on the single ENOUGH. Who would you say are some of your musical influences? 

      Thanks for the opportunity, Cyrus. My musical influences are definitely Ruel & Finneas.

      Have you always known that you were interested in creating music?

      Yes I started singing when I was two years old. My grandparents got me my first acoustic guitar, and everything kinda played out from there! 

      What inspired you to be apart of Enough?

      What really inspired me to write this song was anger to be honest. I saw everything that had been going on with the Black Lives Matter movement, and it really opened my eyes. I wrote this song and then brought it to my two friends, Ethan & Don. They helped finalize everything, and I think we made a pretty cool song. 

      With everything going on do you think music is an outlet for you?

      Definitely. Music has been an outlet for me my whole life. 

      How has social media helped you reach people all around the world?

      Social media has definitely influenced my career, especially with the app, TikTok. I am able to share my music on there, and it has a chance to reach people all around the world!

      Speaking of music, who are you currently listening to?

      On my playlist right now I have Ruel, Finneas, Rex Orange County & Bazzi. 

      What’s some advice to give to people just starting out with music?

      Some advice I would give is to just go for it. You never know what’s gonna happen! Don’t give up, and always believe in yourself.

      IG: @roberteberle1
      FB: @roberteberlemusic
      YT: @roberteberle 
      Tik tok: @roberteberle 
      TW: @eberlemusic 

      Thursday, November 12, 2020

      BAHA MEN: Over 20 Years of Music and Memories (with More to Come)

      by Cyrus Webb

       For over two decades the members of the group Baha Men* have been able to give us music that has gotten us to dance and helped to create memories that will last a lifetime. Though most of us know the group for their infectious single WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, there is definitely more to the ensemble than that as we discussed in this conversation.

      I had a chance to interview Dyson Knight of the group some 5 years ago on Conversations LIVE the radio show. This year he returned with fellow member Rik Carey to discuss their journey, the memories and why they are excited about what’s to come.  

      Rik, I’ll start this conversation with you. Over the years Baha Men has definitely stayed on the minds of so many music lovers around the world. What has it been like for you to be able to see the way the fans have stayed with you all over the years?

      It's been awesome. I try to stay grounded. Going back to 2000, I would consider that era of career like a whirlwind. So much was happening so fast. I was new in this game. I was learning as much as I possibly could. I had a lot of great influences surrounding me.

      And just to be able to see the decades past…it happened so quickly. I've been able to see the highs of the highs and the lows and the lows of the group. In spite of it all, we just still stick together. And when you see the catalog of music that we've been putting out, it's a certain consistency that a lot of artists haven’t been able to have throughout their career. I feel very fortunate and I'm thankful, and I can speak on behalf of the rest of the guys. They feel the same way. To be able to wake up in the morning and go to practice and to be able to perform the songs that the fans love and make music and be on stage and travel is a blessing.

       Dyson, I want to talk with you about something that Rik mentioned: the success you all have had as a group. Do you think that family atmosphere is what has kept you all together?

      Absolutely. It's the type of family that wants everyone to win. The type of family where we respect each other's company. We are all allowed to speak our minds and give our input. We all believe in one another.  It's just a beautiful opportunity as everybody keeps learning from one another.


      Rik, I think it goes without saying that when people think of Baha Men the song that everyone talks about is WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. Here we are now 20 years later. How does that feel to think that it's 20 years and this song is still talked about?

      It’s bittersweet. I've had my reservations in the past. I still feel like I would like the world to receive the band for what we really truly are: a bunch of awesome musicians and artists. We are so much more than WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. During my travels I hear the song still playing in stadiums. It's still playing on certain stations. I'm getting more and more feedback online, more than ever before.

      Totally understand that, and I think new music like the single TAKE A CHANCE will be able to show listeners a different side of you. Dyson, I'm going to follow up on Rik’s point, about the blessing and the curse.  The flip side is that many artists haven’t had nearly the success that you all have or created music that has made such an impact as WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. Is that part of the blessing for you, that at least you all have had that experience?

      Without a doubt. I'm very thankful, I understand where Rik is coming from. As the newest member of the group I wasn't with the band in 2000 when they released it, but I've been able to travel the world and see the impact of it. I value the fact that the song is such a big hit. It gives us now the opportunity to introduce and to keep introducing new music to our audiences off of the love of WHO LET THE DOGS OUT. That is something I love to see on the faces of our live audiences, the response to the new and the old music.

       Dyson, what was it like for you to see how the new single TAKE A CHANCE has been received?

      It's a magical experience. I mean, to go from hopping on a plane to Miami to meet up with the producers in a studio, to just brainstorm and then to say ‘Hey, what are we going to sing about?’, to hearing the music and ending up writing a song and then recording it. Then we shot the video and released it.

      Now we’re having these tens of thousands of streams on Spotify. This is something that we just humbly created together. That's the powerful part about music and creators and the creative. So shout out to all the creators right now who continue to create new music for people to enjoy, because at a time like this it shows just how important entertainment is.

      Stay connected with Baha Men at and on Instagram at

      * Photos by Jesi Cason 



      Sunday, November 8, 2020

      [BOOK REVIEW] THE ANSWER IS... by Alex Trebek


      by Cyrus Webb

      Alex Trebek has shown us what it means to fight and the key to moving forward, even when dealing with challenges. For those who question what it takes to not give up THE ANSWER IS delivers. I love the reflection of his life, how he has overcome challenges growing up and become such a beloved public figure. He also allows us to realize that even though we are dealing with life's challenges we can't be defined by them.

      Another takeaway is that Alex Trebek does not live for himself. It's very obvious he is concerned about others and want to see them shine. His professional life highlights that, as does his own personal fight. He's a team player and the kind of person who will be rooting for you along the way.

      As we reflect on his life may we also remember what is possible for us. That fight that has gotten Alex Trebek here can get us through whatever we go through.

      A story of fight and a man who realizes the blessing that is life, The Answer Is . . .: Reflections on My Life is a must read for fans of Alex Trebek and anyone who wants to be reminded of the gift that life is for us all.

      Get THE ANSWER IS on Amazon

      [MUSIC REVIEW] With MINE Madelyn Mandry shares the feelings and fears of many when they find love


      You can listen to MIDNIGHT TO MORNING by Madelyn Mandry on repeat throughout the day, being swept into the stories she shares from song to song---and the emotions in each one. MINE, however, is the song that seems to get me the most.

      The message is one that I have felt, and I know others have as well. It's all about being with someone that you want and wondering if they are all with you or still thinking about the one they had before. It's about appreciating what you bring to the table, but wondering if they see it.

      "Do you wish you could go back in time to when she called you mine," is the line you'll find lingers with you.

      And to be honest maybe we have been the one who finds ourselves trying to enjoy what we have now and the one we loved before.

      Either way it's a song that is relatable and shares the feelings and fears of many when they find love.

      [MUSIC REVIEW] Kane Brown's WORLDWIDE BEAUTIFUL reminds us that love has no color


      Kane Brown is a go-to when it comes to great love songs, typically dealing with relationships. WORLDWIDE BEAUTIFUL continues that message of love in a bigger way, reminding us that when you're focusing on black and white you're missing out on all the greatness that this world has to offer.

      It sounds simple, but to remind people that we're all the same is something that is powerful in this song. Looking past color and location, we are all people. Kane Brown says that when he sees his people they're not the same but they are all equal, meaning that regardless of how they look they are just people.

      A great song with a message that should unite us, WORLDWIDE BEAUTIFUL reminds us that love has no color.

      [One-On-One] Willis Victory and Dr. Roni of Phoenix Life Sciences

      by Cyrus Webb

      Over the years Conversations has made it part of its mission to not just feed your love of life but keep you educated and informed along the way. 

      Willis Victory is an entrepreneur and trailblazer I have known for seven years now. We first featured in him the pages of Conversations Magazine back in 2017. Since then he has continue to grow his brand and connect with amazing individuals along the way. 

      This year he introduced me to his newest partnership with Phoenix Life Sciences International as well as one of his associates Dr. Roni. The three of us discuss health and wellness and the role that CBD products are playing in helping with a variety of medical condition. 

      Willis, great to catch up again with you in the pages of Conversations Magazine. Tell us audience about the mission of Phoenix Life Sciences. Why was the work of Phoenix Life Sciences something that appealed to you?

      Willis Victory: My mother passed away from Diabetes complications in 2007. I began researching and spending a lot of time understand Diabetes and what could potentially assist in bringing a cure to the vicious disease. I was approached about  Phoenix Life Sciences initially as an investor. I was very impressed with the vision and the idea of bringing affordable alternative health care methods to global citizens. The opportunity to enhance lived, be of service, bring value to humanity and provide a lifestyle strategy for the betterment of society and people around the world. The mission in Port Vanuatu really touched my heart & soul. I was intrigued by the opportunity of working with the Government of Port Vanuatu, Minister of Health and the beautiful people of the island. 

      Along with the opportunity to provide hope and all natural products and treatments; there is a major opportunity to assist in comforting people who are dealing with pain. I believe we are all deserving of a great experience during our time on Earth. Without a healthy body or an opportunity to restore the body, it is extremely difficult to enjoy everyday life. I am committed to providing top quality products to our customers, research, education and bring value to our shareholders. I believe through research, education and awareness; Phoenix Life Sciences International will be a top company in the industry of Pharmaceuticals & Biotech. 

      Dr. Roni: I was bought in to Phoenix Life sciences after Key persons involved realized that the growing Cannabis industry was a perfect complement in doing what I do with 21 Chronic Illnesses. I implement a customized approach to CBD protocols for clients. Every CBD is accurately dosed, and the delivery of CBD oils are specific to each client and their illness. CBD is distributed to treat 21 chronic illnesses, including pain, Diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, and Lyme etc. As a Naturopathic Doctor I treated Cancer for many years and used prescription grade CBD with specific Terpenes. It was phenomenally successful protocol in treating many of my clients with Inflammatory type of diseases. This led to my increasing excitement and further research. It was a natural transition for me to join Phoenix Life Sciences.

      My program encompasses the following 8 pillars that create “The Dr. Roni 21 21 Experience”.

      1. CBD oil

      2. Education SEARCH curriculum

      3. Essential Oils 

      4. Innovative food as medicine, products, and supplements.

      5. Advanced technology treatments to promote healing 

      6. Retreats and custom health protocols

      7. Membership community

      8. Community engagement

      Would love to hear from the two of you what you think of the changing perception of CBD based products, and how that is helping others looking for alternatives when trying to life a healthier life. 

      Willis Victory: I believe people have been so miseducated about Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabis as a whole. While research and education are proving valuable insight as to the healing elements of Cannabis and CBD; there is still along way to go in regards to the evolution of the plant and implantation into the daily human regiment. People are now understanding how to digest CBD and the profound health effects it has on the body, as well as the mind. Implementing CBD into a healthy lifestyle and utilizing CBD to restore the body back to its natural essence is the goal. I truly believe the cosmetic CBD market will explode over the next 1 – 5 years. The skin being the largest organ of the human body; we have placed a focus on our product development in this area. All of our products are made from natural ingredients, superfoods, organic and are Non-GMO. 

      Dr. Roni: The education about the difference between Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabis is changing the way people think and feel about the Cannabis industry. Elderly population now feel safe taking CBD oil especially if they have inflammation and pain. They are now willing to try it, they feel safer taking it on a consistent basis. The education allows them to feel safe. The other changing perception is the many ways that people can consumed the product. Drinks, oils, edibles, creams, lotions, and potions.  The changing perception is we Smoke dope, but we get well with Oil. This concept is fast changing.

      Willis, you shared on Conversations LIVE the radio show that you have introduced the products to your family. What do you want the public to know about the various ways CBD-based products can be incorporated in their lives?   

      Willis Victory: Yes, I have introduced several CBD products to my family. I am a firm believer that health is wealth and education around health is very important to my family. We have incorporated CBD oil into our coffee, tea and also cook with it. We mix superfoods with CBD to assure all daily nutrients are consumed and absorbed properly. We use CBD shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lip balm and also hand sanitizer. I workout 5 – 6 times per week, and the CBD products have really assisted in my recovery, reducing lactic acid during workouts and over all reduction of inflammation. Drops of CBD oil are also consumed through the day. We are currently developing dental products and feminine products for women as well. 

      Dr. Roni, when you were on the radio show you talked about the various health benefits you have been able to share with those you work with. Do you mind sharing an example with us?

      Dr. Roni: The most amazing and unforgettable experiences that I have had with CBD oil is when a client experience multiple vague symptoms like bugs crawling all over you feeling, extreme insomnia, extreme anxiety, and pain all over your skin with no diagnosis. I put them on 1500 mg of CBD oil with no THC, within a few weeks she had no pain, no bugs crawling feeling, slept much better. My cancer clients in general do well on chemotherapy while they are on CBD or hemp protocols. The chemotherapy causes less nausea and vomiting, less anxiety and better sleeping.

      Willis, you had told me that Dr. Roni and you are working on other projects together, including a book. Can you tell us more about that?

      Willis Victory: Yes, we are very excited about this book. The purpose is to educate and increase awareness about CBD, it’s health benefits and how to implement CBD into every day life. We believe this book will provide valuable insight to misconceptions around Cannabis and CBD, while highlighting the effects of the mind & body. We will also discuss CBD and its effects on CTE and May other chronic diseases; including Diabetes and Cancer. This book will serve as the Bible for Cannabis & CBD. We look forward to you reading our book and providing a review. 

      Dr. Roni: We will implement education in a myriad of ways, including, but not limited to, Private consultations, by phone or email, live group classes, online education, webinars, use of online tools, such as live video, updated blog and vlog articles posted on marketing channels and website, live presentations to groups, weekly TV and radio. 

      Willis and I together are writing a health book to educate on Cannabis and 21 Chronic illness. I have written a song called SEARCH and the content for the book will have a SEARCH curriculum Simple- Essential- Actionable- Relevant- Conscience -Healthy, applications, information and protocols

      We will educate using recipes that are easily prepared to treat a variety of health concerns. We will use visual storytelling to share experiences and stories from people with great success with Cannabis. Every protocol for clients who seek one on one coaching receive a completely unique protocol for their situation and needs. We offer CBD for 21 Chronic illness, so anyone who seeks to improve their health, has a pathway to do so. Our goal in reaching millions around the globe, is to help all people demystify healthy living. We simplify so that the chaos in the health and CBD use industry is removed and clients become clear and focused on what they need, versus the latest trends. 

      Our membership community is for clients who want exclusive content, “members only” discounts on products and services, access to online live video calls, where they can ask their questions, private door email and access to a closed Facebook community.  Members receive a monthly live online video group call, prerecorded webinars offering education and exclusive content. There is a “member only” Q and A for members to send in questions that can be addressed collectively on these members only events. 

       Thanks to the two of you for the time. How can our audience stay connected with you and keep up with updates?

      The best way to stay connected by email: and

      You can also visit