Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Conversations' 20 Indie Artists You Should Know

Conversations' Cyrus Webb has interviewed over 300 recording artists over the past year through Conversations LIVE radio show and Conversations Magazine. As the year is coming to an end he is excited to share 20 Indie Artists that he was introduced to through Conversations that he knows audiences will want to pay attention to headed into a new year.

CONVERSATIONS' 20 Indie Artists You Should Know (listed in no particular order)

  1. Ali Caldwell
  2.  Jason Little
  3. Arika Kane
  4. Jeremy Parsons
  5. Chelsea Crites
  6. Jahna Sebastian
  7. Sarra
  8. Eryn Woods
  9. James "Mississippi" Marshall
  10. Troy Petty
  11. Gracie and Joey
  12. Jason Pure
  13. Prince Hakim
  14. Amber Sauer
  15. Kwadi
  16. Michelle Brooke
  17. Rai
  18. Iyse Gibson
  19. Michael Egleson
  20. Izzy Escobar

Friday, December 1, 2017

Conversations Presents Branden Nicholson's "31 Days of Inspiration"

Conversations Magazine is excited to share daily words of encouragement from celebrity model/fitness trainer Branden Nicholson of B. Nick Fitness in California. The purpose? To encourage the reader to be the best of themselves each and every day.

Take out time to visit our website each day to find a daily dose of motivation and visit Branden online at

Day One:  New day, new attitude...Take control, stay positive and be great!
Day Two:   The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come.
Day Three:  If you're not growing, then you're not living. You should never be the same person two days in a row. Make it your goal to get better!
Day Four: When you are going through something hard and wonder where GOD is, remember that the teacher is always quiet during the test.
Day Five: Don't give up on what God has called you to do. The end result is worth the pain. Keep the faith.
Day Six: Today is all about choices. Choose to count your blessings rather than your problems!
Day Seven: You may be the only one that can see your vision, but if you can see it that's all that matters.
Day Eight: Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Day Nine: The same people that are hoping you fail will be the same ones that will have to watch you succeed. Never stop. Always keep going!
Day Ten: The WRONG people in your life will keep the RIGHT people out. You've only got a few spaces so choose well!
Day Eleven: You are where God wants you to be at this very moment. Every experience is part of His divine plan.‪
Day Twelve: All liabilities must be let go! If they aren't building you up then they're tearing you down.
Day Thirteen: An original is always worth more than a copy. Be original!
Day Fourteen: When you focus on problems, you'll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you'll have more opportunities.
Day Fifteen: People who judge you by your past don't belong in your present.‪
Day Sixteen: Look around...Is this where you wanna be? If not, now is the time to decide to change it! The power lies in you.
Day Seventeen: Don't let your thoughts talk you out of the changes you want for yourself. Your body can do anything. It’s just your brain you have to convince! ‪
Day Eighteen: Get up & Go forward! Let go of the past so you'll have a free hand to open the door to your future!
Day Nineteen: They can copy you but they can't be you. Just keep being a better you and get a kick out of them trying to keep up.
Day Twenty: There are quick fixes for everything in life, but greatness is not achieved in one day. It is a process that each of us must experience.
Day Twenty-One: Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.
Day Twenty-Two: You can't expect to live a positive life around negative people.
Day Twenty-Three: I Will NEVER lower MY standards, to RAISE someone else's!
Day Twenty-Four: Direct your thoughts today because your thoughts will direct your day.
Day Twenty-Five: ‪Temptation doesn't surrender. You have to come ready to fight everyday!
Day Twenty-Six: If you don't invest in yourself then your dreams will go bankrupt.
Day Twenty-Seven: Not everyone's opinion should be relevant in your life. Stop making irrelevant people relevant.
Day Twenty-Eight: Never let your,"mind"bully your body!
Day Twenty-Ninth: One day, you'll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.
Day Thirty: Want to see your biggest opponent? Look in the mirror.
Day Thirty-One: Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Conversations Top 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2017

Inspiration. Motivation. Reflection. Action.

These four words define the 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2017 as chosen by Conversations' own Cyrus Webb. An avid reader and someone who appreciates the importance of sharing the stories of others, Webb has chosen the books that spoke to him throughout the year and he believes will do the same for others. 

Conversations' Top 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2017 (listed in no particular order)
  1. This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Star by Gabourey Sidibe (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  2. The Ken Commandments by Ken Baker (Convergent)
  3. The Newcomers by Helen Thorpe (Scribner)
  4. Life Is Like A Musical by Tim Federle (Running Press)
  5. Take the Lid Off by Smokie Norful (Thomas Nelson)
  6. When Soulmates Unite by Christina Renee Joubert (Teaching the World to Love, LLC)
  7. Eyes on the Prize by Carrie Williams
  8. The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl by Tess Holliday (Bluestreak Books)
  9. Find and Follow Your Inner Compass by Barbara Berger (O Books)
  10. Hope for the Caregiver by Peter Rosenberger (Worthy Inspired)
  11. Find Your Soul's Purpose by Janet Conner (Conari Press)
  12. Teeth by Mary Otto (The New Press)
  13. The Path to Personal Power by Napoleon Hill (Tarcher Perigee)
  14. Reclaiming Your Body by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana (New World Library)
  15. The Art of Connection by Michael J. Gelb (New World Library)
  16. On Edge by Andrea Peterson (Crown)
  17. The Difference by Subir Chowdhury (Crown Business)
  18. Beer Money by Frances Stroh (Harper Perrennial)
  19. Spark by Angie Morgan, Sean Lynch and Courtney Lynch (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  20. The Trauma Heart by Judy Crane (Health Communications, Inc.)
  21. Before Empire by Andria Mayberry (The TMG Firm)
  22. A Body of Work by David Hallberg (Touchstone)
  23. Dare to be Kind by Lizzie Velasquez (Hachette Books)
  24. Deep Water by Katherine Nichols (Simon Pulse)
  25. My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward by Mark Lukach (Harper Wave
  26. Social Media Wellness by Ana Homayoun (Corwin)
  27. Rule #1 Don't Be #2 by Daniel Milstein (Gold Star Publishing)
  28. Alger Hiss: Framed by Joan Brady (Arcade)
  29. Two Minute Mornings by Neil Pasricha (Chronicle Books)
  30. Being the Change by Peter Kalmus (New Society Publishers)
  31. Reading with Patrick by Michelle Kuo (Random House)
  32. Not a Perfect Fit by Jane A. Schmidt (She Writes Press)
  33. Code Girls by Liza Mundy (Hachette Books)
  34. The Song and the Silence by Yvette Johnson (Atria Books)
  35. Power Down and Parent Up by Holli Kenley (Loving Healing Press)
  36. ChangeAbility by Sharon Weil (Archer/Rare Bird Books)
  37. Unsinkable Faith by Tracie Miles (David C. Cook)
  38. Of Bees and Boys: Lines From A Southern Lawyer by Allen Mendenhall (Red Dirt Press)
  39. Live, Love, Explore by Leon Logothetis (Reader's Digest)
  40. Let the Story Do the Work by Esther K. Choy (Amacom)
  41. Knowing Is Half the Fight...Cooking is the Other by Darnell 'Super Chef' Ferguson
  42. Off the Cliff by Becky Aikman (Penguin Press)
  43. Fault Lines in the Constitution by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson (Peachtree)
  44. The Awakened Woman by Dr. Tererai Trent (Enliven Books/Atria)
  45. The Hidden School by Dan Millman (North Star Way)
  46. Fasting and Feasting by Adam Federman (Chelsea Green)
  47. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy (Random House)
  48. Chasing Famous by Lisa Lloyd (New Hope Publishers)
  49. Living in the Darkest Life by Joyce Edwards
  50. Insight by Tasha Eurich (Crown Business)

Conversations' Top 50 Fiction Books of 2017

Conversations Book Club is excited to announce 2017's Top 50 Fiction Books of 2017. Keeping with its commitment to spotlight books from authors around the world, this year's list is one of its most diverse to date. Compiled by media personality and author Cyrus Webb, it is Conversations' hope that you will find titles you will enjoy yourself and will share with others.

Conversations' Top 50 Fiction Books of 2017 (listed in no particular order):
  1. Because You're Mine by Colleen Coble (Thomas Nelson)
  2. Don't Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon (Ballantine Books)
  3. Ashes by Steven Manchester (The Story Plant)
  4. Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda (Graydon House)
  5. The 5 Manners of Death by Darden North (Word Crafts)
  6. Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren (Dafina Books)
  7. Inside V by Paula Priamos (Vireo/Rare Bird Books)
  8. When We Were Worthy by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen (Lake Union)
  9. Roxie and Fred by Richard Alther (Regent Press)
  10. Fairytale by Danielle Steel (Delacorte Press)
  11. The Idea of You by Robinne Lee (St. Martin's/Griffin)
  12. I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi (St. Martin's Press)
  13. All About Him by Pat Tucker (Strebor Books)
  14. The Address by Fiona Davis (Dutton)
  15. Love Me For Who I Am by Sonya Visor (Covenant House Press)
  16. A Time to Stand by Robert Whitlow (Thomas Nelson)
  17. That Church Life 2 by Teresa B. (Walking In Victory)
  18. Love Thy Neighbor by Linda Bello-Ruiz (Mariah Publishing)
  19. The Burial House by Jeffery Deaver (Grand Central Publishing)
  20. The Answer by Ray Faulkenberry
  21. Code For Murder by Eliot Parker (Black Rose Writing)
  22. Yesterday Was A Long Time Ago by Selena Haskins (Calidream Publishing)
  23. A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti (Abingdon Press)
  24. Legacy by Jacquelin Thomas 
  25. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez (Knopf)
  26. And Then There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson (Thomas Dunne Books)
  27. Florida Gothic by Mitzi Szereto (Strange Brew Press)
  28. Just In Time by Joan L. Jackson (She Writes Press)
  29. Welcome to My World by Curtis Bunn (Strebor Books)
  30. Book of Judas by Linda Stasi (Forge)
  31. The Dating Bender by Christina Julian (Limitless Publishing)
  32. Beneath the Trees by Laurel Saville (Kindle Press)
  33. Grains of Truth by Elizabeth Ferry-Perata (3L Publishing)
  34. Catcher, Lover, Spy by David W. Huffstetler (Becher House Publishing)
  35. Cashed Out by Michael H. Rubin
  36. All By Myself, Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (Simon and Schuster)
  37. Finding Gideon by Eric Jerome Dickey (Dutton)
  38. A Fine Line by Dan Burns (Chicago Arts Press)
  39. L.A. Husbands and Wives by Marissa Monteilh
  40. I'm Frustrated: Thoughts Becoming Words by Dirty Dollar (Book Baby)
  41. A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber (Midnight Ink Books)
  42. Mothers and Other Strangers by Gina Sorell (Prospect Park Books)
  43. There's More Than One Way Home by Donna Levin (Chickadee Prince Books)
  44. Copycat by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Grand Central Publishing)
  45. All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis (Harlequin Teen)
  46. My Abnormally Normal Life by Kenny L. Mitchell (The Heavenly Expressions)
  47. At Wave's End by Patricia Perry Donovan (Lake Union)
  48. The Good Widow by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke (Lake Union)
  49. Forever Is the Worst Long Time by Camille Pagan (Lake Union)
  50. Desert Kill Switch by Mark S. Bacon (Black Opal Books)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Conversations' Top 20 Books for Young Readers in 2017

For Conversations Media Group founder Cyrus Webb 2017 was the year of amazing books. "There were so many great ones that came our way this year," he says. "Conversations is glad to be able to share its favorites with the world and hopefully help others find something that will entertain, educate and inspire them."

This year's Top 20 Books for Young Readers continues Webb's mission of spotlighting books that others might have heard of that he had the pleasure of enjoying as well as lesser known titles and authors that he feels as though deserve recognition.

Without any further ado, here is this year's list (listed in no particular order):

  1. I Am Sacagawea by Brad Meltzer (Dial Books/ Penguin Young Readers Group)
  2. London & Sydney Explore the World: Texas by Kellen & Berthina Coleman  (Fomenky Publishing)
  3. Listen by Leda Schubert (Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press)
  4. Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan (Chronicle Books)
  5. Shaken: Young Reader's Edition by Tim Tebow (Waterbrook)
  6. We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio (Alfred A. Knopf)
  7. Larry the Alligator Makes Friends by LaDonna Marie (Createspace)
  8. The Big Adventures of Tiny House by Susan Schaefer Bernardo (Inner Flower Child Books)
  9. Champion Immortal by Brian Thompson (Great Nation Publishing)
  10. The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie (Weinstein Books/Perseus Books)
  11. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway by Jeff Kinney (Amulet Books)
  12. Girls Who Code by Reshma Saujani (Viking/Penguin Young Readers Group)
  13. Frazzled: Ordinary Mishaps and Inevitable Catastrophes by Booki Vivat (Harper Collins)
  14. Counting Sea Life with the Little Seahorse by Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent 
  15. The Cool Thing About Being Yourself by Ethan Wheeler (Createspace)
  16. Princesses Wear Pants by Savannah Guthrie and Allison Oppenheim (Abrams Books)
  17. Welcome to Wonderland: Beach Party Surf Monkey by Chris Grabenstein (Random House)
  18. The You I've Never Known by Ellen Hopkins (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
  19. Please Explain "Terrorism" to Me! by Laurie Zelinger, PhD (Loving Healing Press)
  20. Animal Ark by Kwame Alexander (National Geographic Kids)
All the books in this year's list are available on

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Media Personality/Author Cyrus Webb Releases New Book, WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY

 What do actress Chandra Currelley, bestselling author Jackie Collins, actors Isaiah Washington, Philip K. Boyd, Kim Coates and Jamie Kennedy as well as comedians Cocoa Brown and media personality Leeza Gibbons all have in common? They all made a choice to live life on purpose.

 In his first inspirational book WORDS I CHOOSE TO LIVE BY Mississippi’s own media personality and author Cyrus Webb shared with you his own daily mantras that have helped to keep him focused and grounded as he was striving to walk in his purpose. Now he is excited to announce that in his new book WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY he’s sharing over 30 profiles of individuals he has met and interviewed who have not just embraced the power of words but used them to find success in their fields. Award-winning authors, filmmakers, actors, producers, comedians, recording artists and entrepreneurs reveal how they have stayed the course in the face of challenges---and how you can do the same.

The book WORDS THEY CHOOSE TO LIVE BY (featuring Webb and actress/recording artist Chandra Currelley of the hit show FOR BETTER OR WORSE on the Oprah Winfrey Network on the cover) is available on at Webb’s first book-signing in Mississippi for the project will be Sat. August 5th from 11-1p.m. at the Pearl Public Library (2416 Old Brandon Road * Pearl, MS). Copies of the book are only $12 or you can purchase 2 for only $20. Autographed copies of the book are available for only $15, including shipping at

For more information contact Cyrus Webb at or at 601.896.5616. You can also stay updated on his website

Friday, July 28, 2017


by Cyrus Webb

I think we have all been there. Seen that a relationship---whether it's a friendship, business associate or something more intimate---come to a place where we know it's over but no one seems to want to admit it.

I think when I first heard Mason Ashley single STRANGERS and watched the powerful video for it I knew it was something special. It was a story I have lived---and if I'm honest when it comes to some partnerships am still living---and that is what makes it a song that everyone can relate to.

Mason has a way of making you feel every word she is singing and feel the emotion behind it. What she conveys in STRANGERS is that we do ourselves a disservice by holding on to those and things that no longer do us any good. The separation might be difficult but it is necessary if we want to grow and truly be happy.

Powerfully delivered and something that is sure to touch the heart of the listener, STRANGERS is a song that reminds us not to forget ourselves for the sake of just being in a relationship.

Get this single on Stay connected with Mason on Twitter at and our website

Ashley D. Merritt: Proving with Hard Work and Dedication Anything Is Possible

by Cyrus Webb

She's an actress, dancer and model and a true lover of life.

When I first connected with Ashley D. Merritt* in 2016 through my friends at Grapevine PR, she had announced her being a part of what is now another hit for AMC Network, the show THE SON. Now as 2017 has unfolded she is not just celebrating that show but the film BROKEN as well.

Full of appreciation for where she is at this point in her career, Ashley doesn't take anything for granted. "It is always so hard to stop everything and say 'Oh my goodness, this really happened.' That's been the whole reaction for me," she told me during our conversation. "Everything has been so surreal to me," but she added that everything was also coming together in a way that was amazing.

Though many are just discovering that many talents that Ashley has, this is a journey that began at a young age for her. "It's been about keep moving forward, being better each and every day," she told me. "I feel going through this process this is something I've been working towards. I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be in this career. I feel really blessed to have this perspective."

Ashley told me that she has always been inspired by the creative process. "Anything that's different and unique that is what I've always been drawn to," she shared. For her whether it is acting, dancing or modeling she wants to give people a different perspective of the world you don't normally see.

When I asked where her appreciation for what she has been able to do comes from, she was quick to credit the sacrifices and encouragement of her parents. " I see their sacrifices, and that's what keeps me going."

Ashley realizes that the gifts and opportunities she has been afforded are bigger than her. "It's about leaving the world a better place," she says. She wants to encourage everyone to be themselves and to accept who they are and walk in their greatness.

Her message to us all? You can do anything! It's all about being comfortable in your own skin, learning to cherish that and wear it with pride.

Stay connected with Ashley on Twitter at and on Instagram at

*  Photos provided by Ashley D. Merritt

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Poetry by James Gordon aka G. P. A., the Greatest Poet Alive

Sleep Watcher
by G.P.A.

As if it were a Broadway play, I watch you sleep.
Alternating soft and loud snores are melodious.
When you toss and turn, reach for more cover, or reach for me, liken to dancers adeptly, effortlessly, and powerfully expressing themselves.
If it seems interlopers called nightmares seek to interrupt a comforting hand and kiss upon your forehead.
A captive audience am I, when I watch you sleep.
Pleasant Sunday and Good Morning Gorgeous

Who Else
by G.P.A.

 Synonyms are what I look up to discover further superlatives to describe
Day and night, stare into the depths of the sky smiling.
My plate has more fruits and vegetables on it, so when I devour, nutrition and satiation arrive
Sip Jameson in shots and full pour like its genetic makeup gives me life

You are, after God, the middle and all that surrounds
You are abundance that continues to flourish
You bring joy with the idea of your existence
You are silly to believe that it is not you

Stand under the shower and soak in the calming water for the longest time
Run determined in inclimate weather as if it were a mere inconvenience
Instinctively place my thumbs to caress the air around
Blow kisses in every direction on a constant basis

 Before we were born and ever met
Whether we occupy personal spaces or intimate distances
The defining of the bridge from something to everything
From this life to the ones to follow

James Gordon, better known as G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), is an international award winning author, champion storyteller, and rising actor from the South side of Chicago. He has written several books that span the genres of poetry, children's, young adult, erotica, and mystery and suspense. James can be seen on episodes of Empire, Chicago Fire,PD,Med, Justice, Shameless, and several movies as well s commercials. He can be found at his website and on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive

POETRY: Two Royal Halves by Joy Elan

Two Royal Halves

Your head, shaved from your mane
It's your domain
You're Samson; you cut your own hair and still had your strength
Full of thoughts and creativity, waiting to flow through your mouth when you speak
Your eyes, a beautiful brown
A shade I can't describe
Your lips, full and powerful
They amaze people because of the things you say
And bring people closer to you because of your smile
Or make them run away because you speak the truth
Your truth brings a person's true character out of the shadows
Your face is a golden brown
So pure and beautiful
Soft yet tough, a balance in the life you live
Your hands are strong
To protect yourself and others
And also to create and bring to life the thoughts you've created
Your chest and stomach, made of steel and gentle to feel
Your legs, muscular and dashing
Altogether you're a warrior, a king
Everything about you says leader and power
To know one day that I'll be joined with you
Brings a sense of light out of me
Revelations of my destinations
Past, present and future
Attracted to you
To rewrite history in the present time
Live the life of ancient kings and queens from lifetimes ago
You're the combined person that I've dreamed of
A person I thought didn't exist
You've been in my life all along
My grandparents represented you and I
A marriage that I've always honored
The signs were all there
And I'm aware of them
Only have to bring them to life
To show I'm worthy
I know who I am
A mind quick to learn and speak the truth
A body of a warrior goddess
Eyes to reflect and deflect what I'm thinking and feeling
Hands ready to fight although I don't
My mouth, tongue twisted because
My brain processes so fast that I want to speak everything into existence
Yet I hold back in case the wrong thought comes out
But the truth is never held back
My chest, safe for my child to run to
Because she remembers the nourishment it provides
My womb, strong enough to carry a warrior and royalty
And hips and thighs to support it
My legs are muscular for running
And going the distances that I'm destined to go
My hair is a mane also, to show my royalty and attract attention
I'll be sharing the throne with you
Two powerful yet peaceful people brought into existence
To show the world that there are generous people who want to help others
And they'll listen
Because we command attention and respect
They'll bow down to us
Because we've been living amongst them
To show how people can come from nothing
And get to the highest place
Only because they were destined to.

by Joy Elan

POETRY: You Saved Me! by Regina Duggins

You Saved Me!

I am alive today because someone loved me in a very special way.
As the suicidal thoughts plagued my mind one day.
Between my ears lies my eyes
Looking through my eyes
Lies the windows to my soul
But in my head
where all the memories goes
and reoccurring storms flow
when it subsides and causes my brain waves to ignite
I had a premonition of a dreadful flight.
I was planning my consummation
Soaring off into oblivion one night.
Wanting to release myself
From this casket shaped design of a
Voluptuous Woman
Who was always critically defined
Because of the openness of her mind.
I am alive today because someone loved me
In a very special way.
I cared for the world
But often times behind my back the world
Didn’t care for me, the same.
I am an educated, strong, independent black woman
But some only allow themselves to see
My openly sexuality
I refuse to change whom I am to assimilate in your formed
And even when I’m at strongest point a tear drop falls
My head slumps low
My heart hardens and my soul cringes from deep within my core.
My mind can only accept this as a way of escaping the battle
or journey from within by ending it in a quick instant.
Wanting my soul to tiptoe across the clear blue skies
A soft voice from the outside came and whispered to my ears on the inside,
“No, Not Yet! Your life isn’t done Yet….
You have so much to share come back and come down off the edge.
I’m here, and I’ll show you that there’s more to life because I care.
I care that you are here! Your mere existence erased all of my fears.
Your strength poured into my pores and I feel that I can live once more.
How can I live my life through you? If, You aren’t here.”

So I began to gather my thoughts and sat “selfish” up under the stairs.
I was happy again because for that instance,
Someone showed me how much they truly cared.

by Regina Duggins

POETRY: 8 Minutes by Regina Duggins

8 Minutes

Brain cells begin to die after 1 minute without oxygen.
Serious brain damage is likely to occur 3 minutes without breathing.
But it took 2 men to hold me down, and  in less than 2 minutes my life was turned upside down.
Two times too many have I heard the stories that ended in
I’m sorry.
In 4 minutes a couple can make eye contact
Endorphins in the brain cause them to feel love, lust, a new need for the other.
The adrenaline increases the intimacy
I feel nervous,
I can’t talk,
It doesn’t feel natural,
Should I blink or will I lose the moment.
I learned the truth that you weren’t for me as I was for you.
A mere distraction, refined and anew
The longest silence in my life,
The hardest anger that I had encounter
55 months of marriage; I’ve never thought about what you were thinking.
I realized I needed you and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else but you.
Let alone never speaking again to you.
I’ll be ready in 5 minutes is exactly as I’ll be home in 5 minutes.
Equivalent to the sum of two and three; one more than four;
My tears trickled down my face and formed puddles of pain, regret, fears, hurt, desperation, hopelessness, all your lies streamed down like a river running over the hard wood parchment floors.
Creating six ways to the days leading to seven that I’ll be able to let go and count the ways the weeks rolled into months and months into years.
You made the days stand still when you pierced my heart with all of your fears.
Finally, 8 minutes came of despair.
Eight weeks, two missed periods, the ultrasound is done but you find out the heartbeat that once moved rapidly was failing faint and then there was none.
Like the night when it all happened a three-some with two male individuals who could have been the babies daddy?
The tragedy ended but my heart has never mended.
But for eight minutes, I was reminded that a creation had descended from my body saving me from the shame and regrets from the memory that he or she could have belonged to anybody.
8 minutes of heartache without a name!

by Regina Duggins

POETRY: Footprints of Life by Ashley Love

Footprints of Life

As I stepped my feet into the sand,
 I thought about my life and how it’s been.

The struggles and pain tried to break me down,
But thanks to my faith my feet are planted firmly on the ground.

The people I trusted to stick by my side,
Withered away as the seasons flew by.

Those to whom I tried to lend a helping hand,
Turned their backs on me
And disappeared like tiny grains of sand.

The tide picked up,
And the wind grew fierce.
I couldn’t help,
But face my biggest fears.

I was out on the pier,
No shield from the wind.
The ferocious waves,
Kept crashing in.

The careless breeze,
 Filled my eyes with tears,
As I stood there in that moment,
Looking back on the years.

My struggles slowed,
As I learned to let go-
To enjoy the breeze,
And in my life put God in control.

Even as my feet hit rock bottom many days,
I refused to let the pain get in my way.

As I walked by faith and not by sight,
I peered back at my past,
Which was slowly fading out of my life.

As the eager sun shone upon my face,
I finally got to feel loves warm embrace.

As the years passed by-
My life almost complete,
I’m thankful for the memories,
 I will always keep.

From sunrise to sunset,
And all that was in between,
I learned many lessons
 And accomplished many dreams.

I stand in the ocean looking back at where I’ve been,
My footprints are still etched crisply in the sand.

by Ashley Love 

POETRY: A Desert Rose by Ashley Love

A Desert Rose

A Desert Rose,
 I stand alone.
Adversity and hatred
Fill the space I once called home.

Freedom is not free.
For someone paid a price;
 Took a bullet, gave up their life.

Obsessed with self-satisfaction,
Our society is more of the problem,
Than the solution.
Many go to their graves with visions of greatness,
Never taking action.

More than the positive influence,
We are focused on the pursuance of acceptance
And preventing rejection.

So with hesitation,
we fear standing alone.
We don’t dare go against the popular vote,
 for what society says goes.

We divide ourselves into groups like we don’t belong,
 Instead of coming together as one to end the divide
They have had us buying into all alone.

We were born as one race,
We all bleed red,
 Then society get ahold of our beliefs
And tells us a whole nother story instead.

Your skin color determines your worth,
Your gender determines your ability,
Your size determines what you can and can’t do.
You age says you’re not smart enough;
You’re too young or too old.
Your childhood determines how far in life you will go.

We are living in a glass box,
 That society has placed around up.
They feed us all their lies and in this so-called FREE world,
 they’ve captured us.

Divided we go on living
Just as they figured we would,
Thinking we can’t change things ourselves,
Hoping one day someone else could.

It’s going to take more than a president
 To turn things around
It’s going to take us coming together as one
To silence societies unrelentingly hateful sound.

As A Desert Rose, I stand alone.
Lost in a word who says by their standard,
One person’s value is worth more than another.
My kids are looked at as less than me
Because of their skin color.

Are we seriously going to let this hoax continue on
For another day, year or decade?
Or are we going to come together
And stand up against the hate?

Oh the violence and pain we inflict upon ourselves,
That's just what they are hoping for.

We’ve created our own hell,
Right here on Earth,
Under societies watch.
We have become the problem,
Masking their intentions,
Their negativity penetrating our thoughts.

Our world is no longer,
Until we take control
Spreading light, life, love and laughter as far as it can go.

It takes tragedy to draw us near one another,
Instead we should daily be supporting
And caring for one another.

We are all her trying to make it day to day.
We don’t know what the future holds for each of us,
But we have got to get out of our own way.

So me,
A Desert Rose
I am not afraid to stand alone,
Through the adversities that are corrupting my home.

I stand here with the intention
To do something different,
To love all and do my part to impact lives
 Even when results aren’t instant.

I ask you today,
Are you going to be part of the solution?
Or stay part of the problem?

Will you take action
Or be part of the distraction?
Stand up with me
And be A Desert Rose.

by Ashley Love

TO YOU, FROM ME: The Power of Letting Go

We've all been there: holding on to something that is either weighing us down or keeping us stagnant. It's not easy to pull yourself away from individuals or circumstances that have become comfortable for us, especially if feelings have gotten involved.

What I have learned, however, is that we do everyone involved a disservice by staying in a place where no good is being served. In my own life I have had to sever ties with individuals and things that I realized were keeping me from the place I was supposed to be.

Here is the truth: Each one of us have to be willing to do what is best for US. It might sound selfish, but how can we be any good to anyone if we are not able to perform at our best? It could be a job that no longer satisfies us, a relationship that has us feeling empty or a geographic location where we feel as though things have gone as far as it can go. Is it scary to move forward, leaving the comfortable behind? Yes! Is it necessary to do so? Absolutely!

How do you know if a change is needed? Be honest with yourself. Make a mental checklist or even write down where you are, where you want to be and what you can do to get from one place to another. Is it about your attitude, and something you have to mentally let go of? Is it actually someone or something around you? If you can ask the questions that will lead you in the direction you need to go.

No matter what that thing is for you that might be keeping you stuck the important thing to remember is that you have the power. You can make the change. You can make things better. You can set yourself free if you are willing to unload that thing that is holding you back.

Until next time,

Cyrus Webb, Editor-In-Chief
Conversations Magazine

Model/Singer LeVelle Williams: Pursuing His Passion While Standing In His Purpose

Model and singer LeVelle Zachary Williams has seen success in his life because he has made the decision that his goals and dreams are worth pursuing. As he reflected over what he has accomplished he told Conversations recently that "It's been a blessing," to reflect on all that he has been able to do and what is ahead of him. "I never would have dreamed or imagined being here," he added, admitting the difficulties he has faced---but he feels fortunate to still be standing.

LeVelle came to the attention of Conversations' Cyrus Webb through Instagram where he has been just not sharing snapshots of his work but inspirational messages as well. When asked why the motivational messages were so important for him to share, LeVelle says that encouraging people "is the fuel that ignites my fire. Life is about encouraging other people, picking other people up when they are down."

While he understands the importance of building his brand online and showcasing his work he feels as though platforms like Instagram and Facebook have a larger purpose. "I use social media to uplift and inspire," he told Webb. "I try to use it as a tool to encourage. Social media has the ability to connect with people all over the world. I try to keep that in mind and go off what my heart feels."

Being honest, open and growing into his own skin has had other benefits for LeVelle.  "It has opened so many doors," he explained, helping him to connect with so many people. "It has helped me to grow as a human being." He told Webb he reminds himself that you have to keep it real, no one is perfect. He says as long as he keeps striving to be his best, however, he knows he is on the right track.

Stay connected with LeVelle on Instagram at

After 30 Years In the Business Singer Johnny Gill Continues to be a GAME CHANGER

by Cyrus Webb

Timeless. That is just one way to describe Grammy nominated recording artist Johnny Gill.

With the recent BET mini-series on the group New Edition there has been renewed appreciation for what artists like him bring to the table. Many have gotten to know him for his hit singles like "My, My, My","Rub You the Right Way" and "Where Do We Go from Here" (with Stacy Lattisaw) as well as his involvement with the popular groups New Edition and LSG, however, there seems to be no substitute for the man himself.

With his last full length album GAME CHANGER, Johnny Gill fed his fans insatiable appetite for new music, and on January 27th he re-released the single 5000 Miles featuring another R&B crooner Jaheim.

"I have been blessed with a gift from God that is magical. You can't design it," Johnny told me in our conversation together. "I think about my career and how my music has touched people. It is beyond a miracle and a blessing. To have people to connect with you is a gift."

Like many other soulful singers before him Johnny Gill began singing in the church and blossomed from there. He believes the main reason he is still able to do what he loves is because he understands the importance of staying consistent. "I stay true to me and my music," he says. "If you look at my body of work you'll see that I'm open to trying new things. At the end of the day my biggest goal is to always stay focused and be careful that I don't lose who I am. I set out to make great music, songs I can identify with and connect with and do it justice." Remaining true has given him the confidence to say that in spite of it all, he has put his heart and soul into each and every project. "I have something to hold my head up about and be proud," he says. That comes from walking in his musical truth. 

His beginnings were not so full of pride. Johnny relayed to me how when he first started in the business at the age of 15 he was not always the best of himself. "There was no blueprint about how you are supposed to be and act," he told me. "All the things you have to learn growing up in this business---the ups and downs that come with it---now make me blessed that I have my fans there for support." He understands that it is all a process, a machine that brings it all to life. The process that gets his music to the masses is something he feels more connected with, and he knows it's important not to take any of it lightly. 

To his fans, Johnny says this: "Thank you. Know that I don't take you or my success for granted. I couldn't have done this without you. "

Johnny Gill's GAME CHANGER is available on Amazon. Stay in contact with him on Twitter at His website is

Keith Sweat: Celebrating a Musical Legacy that Will Last Forever

On Tuesday, January 17th R&B legend Keith Sweat began a new chapter in his award-winning career: a residency at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. The singer who has brought the world great songs like MAKE IT LAST FOREVER, TWISTED, HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE and NOBODY will be able to spend time with his fans, sharing music that they have come to enjoy for almost 3 decades.

"I helped a lot of people grow in terms of their relationships and growing up with me musically," Keith Sweat told Conversations' Cyrus Webb during a recent interview. "A lot of people don't get that opportunity."

With the songs that he has released have also come powerful stories and videos that have seem to connect with the listener, bringing them into each verse. Sweat says it's easy for him to do the videos because "I have it in my mind when I'm in the studio."

Outside of releasing music, Keith Sweat has also taken to the airwaves as a radio personality and the other of a book about relationships. All of which have been eagerly welcomed by his male and female fans. "I can't really say I'm the doctor of love," he told Webb with a life. What he does say is that he tries to let his audience know that when it comes to relationships "it takes time and it take understanding because no two people are the same." He also added "Every relationship takes work and needs work," and both parties have to be willing to do the work necessary for it to last.

Along with helping others appreciate what it takes to make a relationship last, as he celebrates his 30the anniversary in a competitive industry Keith Sweat is showing other artists what it takes to have longevity. "It's great to be the godfather for other artists," he told Webb. Talking about those who have been inspired by him he says it shows other artists that they can have just as long of a career. "The key to it all is to stay ahead and do as well as you can musically," he says. "For me to open doors for other artists and them to appreciate that means a lot."

Regarding his Vegas residency, Keith has called it the "second act" of his career. When asked to elaborate on that he told Webb: "I've done everything else. When you're going into a whole new arena it creates another journey. Going into Vegas for the first time in the residency is like going to Broadway. It's a new step in my career. It's a new platform that I have to step on. I've learned a long time ago that anything worth having is worth working for. I'm hoping this is something that my fans will be glad I have done."

Stay connected with Keith at

Listen to Keith Sweat's entire interview with Conversations' Cyrus Webb below:

Anthony C. Johns: Walking In Confidence Towards His Goals & Dreams

by Cyrus Webb

Model and actor Anthony C. Johns* is all about challenging himself to set goals, move past obstacles and showing others what is possible. He has traveled the world, worked with some of the best photographers in the industry, walked runways and amassed fans from around the world---and he is only just getting started.

When I caught up with him he was in the States taking a break from his whirlwind career and able to reflect a bit on the life he has been able to live. "I would say that my progress has been based on a spiritual foundation," he told me. On of the things that has helped him was the book THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE. "It really changed my aspect on what I can do, when I can do it and believing in myself."

The road has not always been easy though, but Anthony is no stranger to overcoming difficult situations. "I've been able to accomplish my goals through hard work and patience and going through rejection," he says. "It has made me a better person."

Anthony became interested in modeling and acting when he was just a kid. He says he has always seen the two as "a reflection of life." The emotional reaction that was generated appealed to him and seeing what you can create became a motivator. With the reward, however, has come the obvious challenge of just being thought of by how you look. "That's when it becomes pretty difficult for me," he admits, "when the titles come, and you have to live up to it." Though he says the compliments about his body can fuel the ego, he says he works hard to stay humble at the same time realizing how soon it can all be gone.

As with any art Anthony has come to see his body as his canvas, and that means he has to take care of it in order to be the best he can be in his industry. That also means being comfortable in his own skin and realize what he has to offer. "That was a major obstacle when I first wanted to do the business of modeling," he told me. "I was at a point in my life when I was comparing myself to other models. I learned to create my own self-representation by working on my mind, body and soul. "

Today he says he believes in confidence that begins within, and that confidence is what comes across in the work that he does. "My progress came through seeing myself improving in the way I lived, eat and balance life.  I saw myself grow by getting out of the box, doing jobs that are challenging, pretty much confronting what was an obstacle for me."

What Anthony has achieved is not just noticed by those who admire his work. He has become an inspiration for others, too. "I am a role model," he declared. "I am a person who has power," and he realizes that power is not just for him. "I wanted to use my gifts to help others. Those people have become my recipe to keep it going. I am making a difference. It's really not about me. It's a calling I must fulfill. If I'm doing this and I'm not helping other people then I am doing something wrong."

Stay connected with Anthony and his career on Facebook at and on Instagram at

* Photography by Ricky Day

Poet/Author Joy Elan: Sharing Her Words and Inspiration with the World

Award-winning poet/author Joy Elan is a force to be reckoned with.

In 2016 alone she was able to showcase her skills as an award-winning poet by winning national awards and even released her first novel LIFE IS A CANVAS.

"It was amazing, and some of it I couldn't believe that I accomplished," she said to host Cyrus Webb during their conversation together on Conversations LIVE.

Part of what made 2016 such a great year for her was that she was able to introduce her poetry to a younger audience by making some slight adjustments. "I knew I needed to clean up the language and the content to reach another audience," she said. "That helped me propel and take off even more." Realizing that she could still deliver powerful messages, Joy said that she realized she was limiting her audience before. It all began by speaking honestly to herself. "I'm supposed to be an educator. Why do I have all this foul language in my writing? Time for me to grow up a little. I wanted something that everyone could read." The big lesson that this changed revealed? "It made me realize that in order to be marketable you have to be accessible."

During the conversation Webb shifted the attention to how Joy has been able to do what she has and not allowed the fear of failure or the outcome stop her. "I'm my own determining factor," she told him. Life is a very interesting thing. You either believe you can do it or you can't. I don't wait for other people to tell me. I go based on when I'm ready. It's all based on my inspiration and motivation. I've always been like this as a person," she said. "Once I put my mind to something I do it. I have to believe in myself. I can't wait on anybody else."

Another motivation for Joy is her daughter. "She's part of the reason why I do what I do," she said during her interview. "I don't want to just tell her to go after her dreams. I want her to see me doing it. She sees me working around the clock. This is hard work and takes dedication. Things come when you put time and energy to it."

That is the message she wants everyone to get. "I want to be an example of someone who can have a goal or dream and see it come true. When I leave this earth my words will live on forever. I don't care where you're from or what kind of situation you are in, you have the power to make things happen for yourself. It might be hard, but if you really believe in something you will pursue it."

Stay connected with Joy Elan at her website at

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Brian Cooks: Enjoying the Benefits of Hard Work, Dedication and Faith

by Cyrus Webb

It's been a crazy couple of years for 27 year old model/actor/fitness trainer Brian Cooks. He is not just living his own dreams but showing others by example what is possible with hard work, dedication and faith.

"Seeing how everything is unfolding is mind-blowing," says Cooks. "I spoke out on my dreams, had the faith and did the work." And that work is definitely paying off in a big way.

This year he has already participated in his second competition and is gearing up for the Mr. United States Pageant where he will be competing as Mr. South Carolina. He told me that he is "nervous but excited" about the opportunities coming his way.

When asked how he has been able to stay focused, Brian says "I always had the mentality not to stop until I get what I wanted. Perseverance is what has kept me going." That perseverance and confidence has helped him not just in his own life but as he has been able to help others as well.

At the end of 2016 he took to social media to announce the latest accomplishment in what's been an amazing year for him: being featured as part of the Weight 2 Wear apparel campaign. Cooks told Conversations Magazine that he entered a competition by Krave Magazine which led to the honor. “It feels very good," he said. "I'm now a published model. I know this is going to open up so many opportunities for me. I'm excited to see what is going to happen next.”

The Hartsville, SC native now calls Shreveport, LA home.  His advice for anyone out there looking to see their dreams come true? "Put God first will open so many doors for you," he says, and adds: "Patience is key."

Stay connected with Brian's journey on social media below:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Conversations' Cyrus Webb Hosts Project Recognizing Yazoo City Radio Legends

On Saturday, September 9th Yazoo City’s own WYAD Max 94.1 FM will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on the air with a special presentation recognizing Yazoo Legends in Radio that paved the way for the DJs of today.

The brainchild of Joseph C. Thomas, Sr. of Bountiful Blessings Broadcasting, Inc, (Elizabeth W. Thomas, President), the project “Celebrating the History of Black DJs in Yazoo City” honors the contributions of trailblazers in radio that influenced radio and music in Yazoo City and throughout the state.

The project “Celebrating the History of Black DJs in Yazoo City” is narrated and Executive-Produced by media personality and Mississippi native Cyrus Webb. It includes exclusive interviews with Eddie “Ace” Smith, Vanassa Conston, Bobby Little, Randy “Wild Man” Brown, George Winford, John “Mighty J” Meeks, Frank “Scrap Iron” Robinson, Leroy Davis and tributes to the late Kenzie Moore (with his brother Sidney Lloyd) as well as the late Sharron Johnson Reed (with her sister Addie Tart) who was a longtime female DJ in Yazoo City.  Eddie “Ace” Smith served as Project Manager for the project and assisted in setting up the interviews.

The honorees will be recognized on Saturday September 9th in Yazoo City when WYAD Max FM 94.1 FM celebrates its anniversary, but the interviews with these distinguished individuals can be heard here:

The “Celebrating the History of Black DJs in Yazoo City” project is sponsored by WYAD 94.1 FM, the Mississippi Humanities Council through a grant from the Mississippi Development Authority and the National Endowment for the Humanities as well as The Yazoo County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

For more information about the project and the upcoming anniversary celebration contact Mr. Joseph Thomas at 662.571.2987 or by email at Stay connected with Cyrus Webb at, 601.896.5616 and his website

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cyrus Webb Presents... Conversations' 25 Summer Reads for 2017

It is one of Conversations' favorite list to reveal each year: Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb's 25 Summer Reads for Adults!

"This year's lists was one of my favorites to do, because it was so challenging," says Webb. "There are so many great books out there that it was hard to narrow it down. These 25 that made the list are probably some of my favorites to read this year, and are definitely early contenders for our Top 100 Books of 2017 that will be released in November."

Below you will find the titles along with the publisher to make them easier for you to search online. Enjoy this year's Summer Reading list, and make sure to comment on which books you have read or will be enjoying yourself this year!

CONVERSATIONS' 25 SUMMER READS for 2017 (for adults)

NON-FICTION TITLES (Listed in no particular order)

  1. This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  2. Have A Thing For You by Greatest Poet Alive (GPA Media)
  3. Love Thy Neighbor by Linda Bello-Ruiz (Mariah Publishing)
  4. Before Empire by Andria Mayberry (The TMG Firm)
  5. Inspiration for Teachers by Chicken Soup for the Soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
  6. Off The Cliff by Becky Aikman (Penguin Press)
  7. Find Your Soul's Purpose by Janet Conner (Conari Press)
  8. Live. Love. Explore. by Leon Logothetis (Reader's Digest)
  9. Reading with Patrick by Michelle Kuo (Random House)
FICTION TITLES (Listed in no particular order)

  1. The Night She Won Miss America by Michael Callahan (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
  2. Copycat by Kimberla Lawson Roby (Grand Central Publishing)
  3. The Burial Hour by Jeffery Deaver (Grand Central Publishing)
  4. Don't Close Your Eyes by Holly Seddon (Ballantine Books)
  5. Idol by Keri D. Singleton (Inkscriptions Publishing)
  6. Dead Certain by Adam Mitzner (Thomas & Mercer)
  7. A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti (Abingdon Press)
  8. Ashes by Steven Manchester (The Story Plant)
  9. Her Secret Life by Tiffany L. Warren (Dafina)
  10. The Fix by David Baldacci (Grand Central Publishing)
  11. All By Myself, Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (Simon & Schuster)
  12. Legacy by Jacquelin Thomas (Sapphire Books)
  13. Yesterday Was a Long Time Ago by Selena Haskins (Calidream Publishing)
  14. Mothers and Other Strangers by Gina Sorell (Prospect Park Books)
  15. And The There Was Me by Sadeqa Johnson (Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press)
  16. I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi (St. Martin's Press)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Interviews with the cast of Tyler Perry's THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS

Since the debut of Tyler Perry's THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS on the Oprah Winfrey Network media personality Cyrus Webb has been gathering interviews with the cast for Conversations LIVE, even having his tweets featured during the actual airing of the show.

With the new season here now is the time to catch up with some great moments that Webb had with the cast. Here you will find conversations with those that have made the show our must-watch program on Tuesday nights...

Actor John Schneider

Actress Renee Lawless

Actress Jaclyn Betham

Actress Angela Robinson

Actor Gavin Houston

Actor Tyler Lepley

Actor Patrick Faucette

Actor Jerome Ro Brooks

Actor Jon Chaffin

Actor Philip Boyd

Friday, June 16, 2017

ALL EYEZ ON ME Stars Dominic Santana and Rayven Symone Ferrell on #ConversationsLIVE

It is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and #ConversationsLIVE is bringing you the casts!

Host Cyrus Webb welcomed ALL EYEZ ON ME's actor and recording artist Dominic Santana and actress Rayven Symone Ferrell to #ConversationsLIVE to share their journey to doing what they love and what it was like to be a part of this history-making film. 

Hear their interviews below:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Entrepreneur Darren Burk Launches Southern Backdoor Products in Mississippi

It's one thing to talk about a need. It's a totally different thing to go about filling that need.

This year Mississippi native and entrepreneur Darren Burk took the steps to do just that. Frustrated with the lack of quality information about products available online he launched Southern Backdoor Products (SBP) in January 2017 with the mission of not just providing products of quality but that were affordable as well.

"I felt that there was a need to enlighten consumers and give the confidence to purchase products that had been tested and did exactly what was expected," Burk said in an exclusive interview with Conversations' Cyrus Webb.

To kick off his new business he decided to launch a product that was not just attractive but had many benefits: the Himalayan Salt Lamp---and that is just the beginning. "I can see great potential in the production of a diverse range of products," he told Webb, "and to continue our innovations through manufacturing and product improvements that would be beneficial to the consumer market as well."

Though based in Mississippi, Burk says that SBP will be a national and even international force thanks to the internet. "There should be no stopping us when it comes to the potential to grow and expand," he says. The company is committed to keeping their products affordable across the board, ranging between $24.95-$34.95.

To make sure that the company is best utilizing social media and out-of-the-box methods of spreading the word, Burk has brought in Webb as the Director of Marketing and Digital Content. "I'm excited to help share the brand with the world," says Webb, whose social media campaigns have caught the attention of national brands and networks like TV One, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC Network and FOX.

What advice does Burk have for others looking to start their own online business today? "Remain focused," he says. "You have to be persistent in your determination to succeed and surround yourself with like-minded people who will push you, encourage you and make sure you never give up."

The Facebook page for Southern Backdoor Products has just launched! Join SBP at Listen to Webb talk with Burk on Conversations LIVE the radio show in an exclusive interview below:

Sunday, June 4, 2017

ODD BIRDS by Ian Harding (Book Review)

by Cyrus Webb, Top 300 Amazon Reviewer

Before reading ODD BIRDS I only knew Ian Harding as an actor. Now I have a better appreciation of not just him but what inspires him as a human being.

The book takes us down some interesting roads: one being his love of enjoying nature and doing what he can to help those in need when and the road to doing what he loves in his career and those who have been with him along the way. I love how his experiences with birds show us also how he has been able to deal with his experiences in life. There is no "one way" to handle a situation when it comes to doing things that can help others or even benefit ourselves. What Ian shares is the importance of DOING, trying to help those who can't help themselves: be it birds or people.

He is also an example of why it is important not to lose yourself in the work that you do---or take yourself too seriously. We get a snapshot into his family and how they have helped him stay grounded and focused on what matters. We as readers are also challenged to take his lessons and apply them when it comes to our own situations in life.

A book that is inspiring, funny and just run to read, ODD BIRDS reminds us to embrace our own unique ability to impact the world.

Get your own copy of ODD BIRDS on Amazon here

Stay connected with Ian on Twitter and Instagram

Monday, May 29, 2017

(May 29-June 2, 2017) Conversations' Artist of the Week: Frank Wade

Conversations' Artist of the Week is recording artist and music industry veteran Frank Wade.

Join Conversations Daily News host and Conversations Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb May 29th through June 2nd on Blogtalkradio at for your news, entertainment spotlight and Frank Wade's new single LIKE YOU.

Stay connected with Frank Wade at his website and social media using the handle FrankWade23. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

(May 15-19, 2017) Conversations' Artist of the Week: Ricky Jarman!

During Monday's edition of Conversations Daily News on Blogtalkradio host Cyrus Webb announced that this week's Artist of the Week is singer/songwriter/dancer/actor/model Ricky Jarman!

Jarman, who has been a repeat guest on Conversations LIVE the radio show, has released some amazing music over the years and in his announcement Webb said that the show will be sharing a different song every day on the program from the artist, beginning with the new SWEAT REMIX.

Listen to Conversations Daily News all this week for your news, entertainment spotlight and music from our Artist of the Week Ricky Jarman at

Stay connected with the artist on Twitter at and on Instagram at

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Singer Antoine Dunn Readies New Musical Chapter with BY DESIGN

Recording Artist Antoine Dunn has been enjoying success in his musical career, seeing his music feature fans around the world. His newest single BY DESIGN debuts Tuesday, May 2nd, but during his recent visit to #ConversationsLIVE he not only discussed the single but allowed host Cyrus Webb to introduce it.

Talking about what it's been like to see the success and growth he's experienced in his music career, Antoine told Webb: "As I always say it's one of those things when you're a kid you have all these goals and aspirations and you believe they can happen, so when it does it's nothing short of amazing and incredibly humbling." For him he says it shows that "Even in the world that we live in there's still a great appreciation for good music that's honest true and pure in nature."

As he has been out meeting the fans and allowing them to experience his music through online retailers, Antoine has also taking advantage of social media, but not just in the traditional sense. "Social media is an amazing tool," he says. "It's one of those tools where you can use it for different applications. For me it's been more of a resource for business development." He told Webb he is able to keep his audience engaged through it as well as show potential advertisers and collaborators what he has to offer without having to go through a lot of red tape. With social media Antoine says "The playing field has been leveled."

When asked if he get butterflies when it's time for a new release, Antoine told Webb: "I can't say I have butterflies. I'm really excited and feel empowered." He added: "When you commit to doing something you almost don't have time to be scared." Talking about the new single BY DESIGN he says "The song is a new time for me. It's a new chapter in my career. I think the fans can see the growth."

Stay connected with Antoine at Listen to the full interview below:

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Conversations is excited to feature model and actor Ben Khatt*. The 27-year old calls Sioux Falls, SD home, and has known since he was a teenager that he wanted to pursue the arts.

Ben, Conversations is glad to feature you. Tell us: When did you first realize that model or acting was something you were interested in?
During college there were a lot of event/theatre plays and photoshoot opportunities which led me into the interests in modeling/acting. Many student organizations that I joined offered a lot of activities that refers to advertising promotions, auditorium speeches and stage performances. There was also a scouting agency who selected me as a model and performer for prints and music production at the River Hills Mall. I’m blessed to finally have the capability of discovering my own talents at the same time being discovered.

 What is it that keeps you inspired towards pursuing your goals and dreams?
What keeps me inspired to pursue my goals and dreams is the momentum of wanting to become well-known. Since I was 13 I was creative in the music field; sang Thai Karaoke, performed at formals and danced at talent shows. Seeing how celebrities lived on television - I told my father I will make a name for myself to supply for our family. I established a passion for arts, music and promotional modeling which includes screenplay and cosplaying. The level of networking done at concerts, night clubs and outdoor festivals led me in the direction of becoming more successful.

What are some of the goals you have for yourself in 2017?
Some of the goals I have for 2017 is to produce new music, cast in a few films and have a feature in magazine prints.

 How has social media helped you in sharing your gifts and talents with the world?
Social media has been a great source of networking to reach people and companies all over the world! Plus the mobility of mobile friendly sites and apps made advertising a lot more easier and convenient. Nowadays every social media site connects with one another which makes posts more versatile to attract different audiences.

 What advice would have you have for anyone—regardless of their profession—when it comes to pursuing their own goals?
It will be hard to accept people’s negative input but think of each of them as a critique.
Take their opinions and create an opening to a bigger and better path.
No matter what your goals are, the only person that can stop you is yourself.
Those who doubt themselves are the ones who stay in the same place.

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*     Photo Credit: Stryz