Friday, July 28, 2017

Ashley D. Merritt: Proving with Hard Work and Dedication Anything Is Possible

by Cyrus Webb

She's an actress, dancer and model and a true lover of life.

When I first connected with Ashley D. Merritt* in 2016 through my friends at Grapevine PR, she had announced her being a part of what is now another hit for AMC Network, the show THE SON. Now as 2017 has unfolded she is not just celebrating that show but the film BROKEN as well.

Full of appreciation for where she is at this point in her career, Ashley doesn't take anything for granted. "It is always so hard to stop everything and say 'Oh my goodness, this really happened.' That's been the whole reaction for me," she told me during our conversation. "Everything has been so surreal to me," but she added that everything was also coming together in a way that was amazing.

Though many are just discovering that many talents that Ashley has, this is a journey that began at a young age for her. "It's been about keep moving forward, being better each and every day," she told me. "I feel going through this process this is something I've been working towards. I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be in this career. I feel really blessed to have this perspective."

Ashley told me that she has always been inspired by the creative process. "Anything that's different and unique that is what I've always been drawn to," she shared. For her whether it is acting, dancing or modeling she wants to give people a different perspective of the world you don't normally see.

When I asked where her appreciation for what she has been able to do comes from, she was quick to credit the sacrifices and encouragement of her parents. " I see their sacrifices, and that's what keeps me going."

Ashley realizes that the gifts and opportunities she has been afforded are bigger than her. "It's about leaving the world a better place," she says. She wants to encourage everyone to be themselves and to accept who they are and walk in their greatness.

Her message to us all? You can do anything! It's all about being comfortable in your own skin, learning to cherish that and wear it with pride.

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*  Photos provided by Ashley D. Merritt

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