Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1 on 1 with actress and model Ruth Reynolds

Actress and model Ruth Reynolds grew up in Austin, Texas.   She is one of eleven siblings.  She had a passion for performing since she entered Texas State University.  Back in 2007, Ruth decided to make her dream come true, and embarked upon her California adventure.  Eventually she started training with her present coach – Lewis Smith and by time Ruth earned many exciting opportunities.  Recently she received the Rising Star Award at the MIFF Festival for her performance in the movie ‘The Guest House’.

In this movie, we have seen Ruth Reynolds kissing another girl for a first time on screen.

Ramona Portelli managed to grab some time from Ruth Reynolds' busy life to conduct this interview with her for Conversations Magazine.

You’re both an actress and a model. How did you discover you had a talent for both?

I had an amazing opportunity to help out a friend on a project and fell in love. I started dabbling in both worlds. And haven't been able to stop sense.

 You have starred in many brilliant recent movies such as ‘The Guest House’, ‘Littlefield’, and recently in ‘The Art of Storytelling’.  Are you currently working on anything else?

I am!!!  I have recently wrapped up a few films that should be released in this coming year.  Most recently was ‘Cyril’. A brilliant short about helping my father escape from jail and reunite our family. Since then I have just returned from Idaho were we shot Kook - a film about two Idaho kids whose chance meeting changes each other lives.

Recently you have received the Rising Star Award at the MIFF Festival for your performance in ‘The Guest House’ in which you played an aspiring songwriter who had lost her way in life and rediscovered her passion through falling in love. When was this exactly & what are your comments about this achievement?

It was at this past years Melbourne Independent Film Festival. An amazing experience to revive an award that was voted on the by the judges and viewers at the film festival. I was honoured to learn our film was accepted in the festival. It was completely unexpected to walk away with the awards that we received.

We have seen you kissing another girl in the movie ‘The Guest House’. Was this something nervous for you to act, or have you kissed other girls in your real life?

This was not the first time I kissed a girl. Though it was still a little intimidating because it was my first on screen kiss with a girl.

Before ‘The Guest House’, have you ever played a part involving intimate scenes with a woman?

This was the first intimate scene I had shared on screen with another woman.

Are you still modeling? If not, where or for whom you used to model?

I have done modeling for clothing lines like SumoSurfer, 101110 Vestis, Shifty, Slashchic and a few others. It is not my main focus, but it is fun to do off and on.

What role does technology play in your life? Are there any gadgets that you prefer from others?

My IPAD is always on me. I absolutely love technology and gadgets, but the IPAD works for all my needs.

What do you think is your best asset?

My best asset I would say is being an optimistic person. No matter a situation, I feel like you should always find the best in it. Focus on the good and push forward.

What do you usually do in your spare time, if any?

If I am not sipping on a cup of joe (coffee) while reading, then I am most likely riding my motorcycle or playing on the beach.

Do your mother or father still give you advice?  If yes, What type of advices?

Of course, any chance they get. Mainly to live my life to the fullest. Never live in the past, never focus on the future, but live in the moment.

How do you describe your relationship with money?

I am a budgeter. I love to have fun and travel, try new foods, etc… I also like to live a stress and debt free life. So I budget.

In your opinion, do you think that because something is more expensive it is automatically better?

Not necessarily.  I do believe in quality over quantity. I don't believe because something is more expensive that it is necessarily better.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

To live and to grow. I believe in the motto that you should try to be a better person then you were yesterday. I’m always wanting to grow.

Ruth Reynolds  – Thanks for your time for this interview with me. What are your comments for Conversations Magazine readers?

Thank you for the interview!  I would simply say no matter how big or small your dream may seem, do everything in your power to make it come true!
Ramona Portelli is a Maltese born freelance writer and journalist.  She has been a freelance writer for these last few years, during which she has interviewed various Maltese and international personalities. More information about her on

Tony Lindsay Presents... Julian Mayfield

Julian Mayfield wrote fiction about life in Harlem during the nineteen fifties. Two of his novels The Hit and The Long Night were compiled into a single book by The Northeastern Library of Black Literature.  Mayfield’s fiction skills lay in his almost abrasive talent of recording life as fiction. The streets of Harlem during the fifties walk the pages of his work. What one may turn away from in life is eagerly read in Mayfield’s work. Unexpectedly, community is the theme in both novels, and in each Mayfield’s creative talent allows the reader see the power of a cohesive community.

In The Hit, a main character, Hubert Cooley is portrayed as a man who places himself above all the occupants of Harlem including his wife. Although he works maintaining others’ apartments, he feels he is above those in his community and his family, but what the reader quickly summarizes is that the dream of hitting the “number” is just as big for him as it for every resident, if not bigger. Cooley’s life and dreams match his community but he doesn’t see it, and Mayfield writes this lack of vision as Cooley’s tragic flaw. Add to that his self-ostracizing statue, and that makes Mayfield’s Cooley an unforgettable character.  

 Mayfield displays this misguided belief in self by having Cooley arrested and thrown into the drunk tank while dressed in a business suit. Throughout the work the readers sees the insanity of self-ostracizing for an African American living in Harlem. Cooley foolishly puts himself above and outside of others in his community, “Hubert Cooley had but one obsession, and that was to leave family, home, and Harlem as far behind as possible, and create a new life for himself” (Mayfield 8).

When Cooley final does hit the number, and the community he so despises begins to respect him, he is beaten from his rewards by another who views himself above the community. Mayfield artfully juxtapose the two characters (a numbers runner and a maintenance man) to bring home his theme of community unity. In the second portion of the book, The Long Night, ten year old Fred Brown, Steely, takes the reader through a tortuous Harlem night.

Steely quickly learns that those who appear cool and popular in the Harlem community are not necessarily the dependable and responsible folks.  The leaders of the gang he so proud to be a member of are responsible for his long night on the streets of Harlem. Steely was given a task by his mother, after failing at the task he decides he can recoup his failure on the streets.

 His night with the dwellers of the dark streets of Harlem reduces Steely to petty crime attempts and to a decision no ten year old boy should have to make. Mayfield’s prose talent holds the reader through a night most would not witness, but the story holds and gracefully relieves with a surprises ending.   

In these two novels, The Hit and The Long Night, the theme of community is consistent, and Julian Mayfield skills as writer are apparent.  Harlem in the nineteen fifties comes to life in both works.   

Tony Lindsay is an award-winning author and adjunct professor at Chicago State University. His book ONE DEAD DOCTOR was chosen by Conversations Book Club as one of its Top 100 Books of 2012. Lindsay was named Conversations Author of the Year 2012-2013.  His new book EMOTIONAL DRIPPINGS is available now on He can be reached at or on Facebook at

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Conversations Magazine Reveals the Cover of It's Oct./Nov. Issue

Conversations Media Group is excited to release the cover of its upcoming Oct./Nov. issue of Conversations Magazine.

 The new issue, out Mon. November 18, 2013 features Slip-N-Slide recording artist Sebastian Mikael, recording artist Matthew Schultz, Emmy award-winning author/talk show host Judge Jeanine Pirro as well as interviews with author Tonya Goring and FreedomInk authors Katandra Shanel Jackson, Phoenix and Kenny L. Mitchell and more!

 Single copies of the issue are available for only $6.99, shipping included at the button below:

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Friday, November 15, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Masonaires - 45 Years of Excellence

by D. C. White

In the forty-five years of recording and performing, the Masonaires show no signs of slowing down.  

You can find them just about anywhere performing old gospel hymns and hosting benefit programs to help those who are sick, homeless or experiencing financial hardships in various communities.  September 14, 2013 will mark the 45th year anniversary of this dynamic group and what a remarkable 45 years it has been.  They have traveled to many cities over this 45 year span.  

I recently caught up with one of the original members Wesley McLin, Sr. (pictured: 2nd row, 2nd from left).  Mr. McLin has been with the group since its beginning and said that it's "better to give than to receive" and that they enjoy "being a blessing to others".  Based out of Florence, Mississippi, the Masonaires are also members of Mason Lodge 593.  They sponsor fund raisers throughout the year to help with their benevolent mission.  They are also highly requested to perform at funerals and various church and community activities.  They are known for singing those good ole time religion songs that take you back to your grandmother's church in the good ole days. 
We wish the Masonaires a happy 45th anniversary and continued success in the future!  Keep up the good work!

D. C. White is a contributor for Conversations Magazine and the founder of History Records and Entertainment. White also serves as a Producer for "Conversations with Cyrus Webb" television show. You can reach him and find out more information about him