Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Singer Antoine Dunn Readies New Musical Chapter with BY DESIGN

Recording Artist Antoine Dunn has been enjoying success in his musical career, seeing his music feature fans around the world. His newest single BY DESIGN debuts Tuesday, May 2nd, but during his recent visit to #ConversationsLIVE he not only discussed the single but allowed host Cyrus Webb to introduce it.

Talking about what it's been like to see the success and growth he's experienced in his music career, Antoine told Webb: "As I always say it's one of those things when you're a kid you have all these goals and aspirations and you believe they can happen, so when it does it's nothing short of amazing and incredibly humbling." For him he says it shows that "Even in the world that we live in there's still a great appreciation for good music that's honest true and pure in nature."

As he has been out meeting the fans and allowing them to experience his music through online retailers, Antoine has also taking advantage of social media, but not just in the traditional sense. "Social media is an amazing tool," he says. "It's one of those tools where you can use it for different applications. For me it's been more of a resource for business development." He told Webb he is able to keep his audience engaged through it as well as show potential advertisers and collaborators what he has to offer without having to go through a lot of red tape. With social media Antoine says "The playing field has been leveled."

When asked if he get butterflies when it's time for a new release, Antoine told Webb: "I can't say I have butterflies. I'm really excited and feel empowered." He added: "When you commit to doing something you almost don't have time to be scared." Talking about the new single BY DESIGN he says "The song is a new time for me. It's a new chapter in my career. I think the fans can see the growth."

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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Conversations is excited to feature model and actor Ben Khatt*. The 27-year old calls Sioux Falls, SD home, and has known since he was a teenager that he wanted to pursue the arts.

Ben, Conversations is glad to feature you. Tell us: When did you first realize that model or acting was something you were interested in?
During college there were a lot of event/theatre plays and photoshoot opportunities which led me into the interests in modeling/acting. Many student organizations that I joined offered a lot of activities that refers to advertising promotions, auditorium speeches and stage performances. There was also a scouting agency who selected me as a model and performer for prints and music production at the River Hills Mall. I’m blessed to finally have the capability of discovering my own talents at the same time being discovered.

 What is it that keeps you inspired towards pursuing your goals and dreams?
What keeps me inspired to pursue my goals and dreams is the momentum of wanting to become well-known. Since I was 13 I was creative in the music field; sang Thai Karaoke, performed at formals and danced at talent shows. Seeing how celebrities lived on television - I told my father I will make a name for myself to supply for our family. I established a passion for arts, music and promotional modeling which includes screenplay and cosplaying. The level of networking done at concerts, night clubs and outdoor festivals led me in the direction of becoming more successful.

What are some of the goals you have for yourself in 2017?
Some of the goals I have for 2017 is to produce new music, cast in a few films and have a feature in magazine prints.

 How has social media helped you in sharing your gifts and talents with the world?
Social media has been a great source of networking to reach people and companies all over the world! Plus the mobility of mobile friendly sites and apps made advertising a lot more easier and convenient. Nowadays every social media site connects with one another which makes posts more versatile to attract different audiences.

 What advice would have you have for anyone—regardless of their profession—when it comes to pursuing their own goals?
It will be hard to accept people’s negative input but think of each of them as a critique.
Take their opinions and create an opening to a bigger and better path.
No matter what your goals are, the only person that can stop you is yourself.
Those who doubt themselves are the ones who stay in the same place.

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*     Photo Credit: Stryz