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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Conversations' Top Books of 2020

 Conversations is excited to share its picks for Top Books of 2020. Cyrus Webb, President of Conversations Media Group, reveals the books that stood out to him that he believes you will enjoy as well. 

Enjoy the list and make plans to add some to your reading list. 

Conversations' Top Non-Fiction Books of 2020 (Listed in no particular order)

  1. Short Stories by Columbus Short
  2. When Time Stopped by Ariana Neumann
  3. Demagogue by Larry Tye 
  4. Healing Words: Life Lessons to Inspire by Mary Ellen Ciganovich
  5. The Answer Is... by Alex Trebek
  6. S.T.O.R.I.E.S. by Tracy Carzell
  7. From $6 An Hour to a Million Dollar Dream by Cayman Kelly
  8. Shifting Shadows by Herman Mendoza
  9. We Hardly Knew Them by Pat Morgan
  10. 60 Stories About 30 Seconds by Bruce Van Dusen
  11. Beyond the Holocaust by Sylvie Heyman 
  12. Stepping Stones by Marilea C. Rabasa
  13. MS-13 by Steven Dudley
  14. The World Looks Different Now by Margaret Thomson 
  15. The Drudge Revolution by Matthew Lysiak
  16. Shortlisted by Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson
  17. The Second Chance Club by Jason Hardy
  18. Side-Chick by Jamiah Alexander 
  19. She Come By It Natural by Sarah Smarsh
  20. Poisoned Water by Candy J. Cooper/ Marc Aronson
  21. The Baddest B*tch in the Room by Sophia Chang
  22. Educated for Freedom by Anna Mae Duane
  23. Say I'm Dead by E. Dolores Johnson
  24. A Mother's Grace by Michelle Moore 
  25. Abandoned by Anne Kim

Conversations' Top Fiction Books of 2020 (Listed in no particular order)

  1. Triumph by Jodi Lea Stewart
  2. Final Judgment by Marcia Clark
  3. On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe
  4. Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger
  5. Lies We Tell Ourselves by Steena Holmes
  6. Departure by Joseph Reid
  7. Daylight by David Baldacci
  8. The Moon Always Rising by Alice C. Early
  9. A Good Family by A. H. Kim
  10. My Daddy's Baby Too by Charmaine Marie
  11. This Won't End Well by Camille Pagan
  12. What It Seems by Emily Bleeker
  13. The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter
  14. World of Rage by A. Shane Etter
  15. Snapshots by Eliot Parker
  16. You Can Go Home Now by Michael Elias
  17. When I was You by Amber Garza
  18. The Unspoken by Ian K. Smith
  19. Enduring Times by Betty Godfrey
  20. Hide Away by Jason Pinter
  21. The Menu by Steven Manchester
  22. In the Deep by Loreth Anne White
  23. Contempt by Michael Cordell
  24. The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher
  25. Chaos by Andrew Hess

Conversations' Top Reads for Younger Readers and Audiences (Listed in no particular order)

  1. The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan
  2. Becoming Muhammad Ali by James Patterson and Kwame Alexander
  3. Sing Like No One's Listening by Vanessa Jones
  4. Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes
  5. Girls Can! by Marissa Sebastian, Tora Shae Pruden and Paige Towler
  6. Skyhunter by Marie Lu
  7. We're All Not the Same, But We're Still Family by Theresa Fraser and Eric E. W. Fraser
  8. Prince and His Mother's Crown by Shellice Beharie
  9. Dancing Monkeys In My Soup! by S. F. Hardy
  10. Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams
  11. Desiree Davenport: Welcome to Treeless Park by Chental Song Bembry
  12. Show Me History: Walt Disney by Mark Shulman and Otis Frampton