Conversations Magazine Anniversary Issue 2023

Conversations Magazine Anniversary Issue 2023

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

[MUSIC REVIEW] Canaan Cox delivers another unforgettable song with AS YOU LEAVE

 It's been amazing to watch Canaan Cox's star continue to rise. He's such a talented artist, and it's not just about releasing music. He makes every single an experience.

When he started teasing AS YOU LEAVE on social media his excitement for the song was contagious, so as soon as it was released I had to get it. The message is so good for the times we are living in, especially for those guys who are looking for the words to say to that special lady.

Cox sings about the feeling you get when you are not with that person, and how it seems as though things just stop. For some of us we know that's not an exaggeration. We just don't always talk about it. That is what sets him apart. He's not afraid of letting his girl know how he feels, how she makes him feel and what being with them does to him.

AS YOU LEAVE can be seen as a love letter or sorts but also a realization that you've found something real. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

[MUSIC REVIEW] To the one we can't stop thinking about, THINKING OF YOU 24/7 is dedicated to them


Nathaniel Kimble and Omar Cunningham come together to create a song that the ladies will love. 

THINKING OF YOU 24/7 is all about letting that special someone know how much they mean to you. As guys we are not known for expressing ourselves well, but this song is one we can put on and let it speak for us. In spite of all that is going on in the world we know we wouldn't be who we are without that love.

For the ladies who wonder if their man cares or appreciates them, this song answers the questions with an affirmative. 

[MUSIC REVIEW] IF IT ALL FALLS DOWN asks the questions we want answered when it comes to relationships

Sometimes things can seem too good to be true. With IF IT ALL FALLS DOWN by Karim and Claire Donzelli we are able to see how so many relationships start out, with everything going right. The question is there, however, will it always be that way? 

With a driving beat and the lyrical gift that is Claire on top of it we get the message loud and clear. When love is like a palace and seems magical, will it last? If it all falls down will you be there? When grey skies appear will you stay or leave?

A song that appreciates what is while realizing what might be, IF IT ALL FALLS DOWN asks the questions we want answered when it comes to relationships.