Friday, November 15, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Masonaires - 45 Years of Excellence

by D. C. White

In the forty-five years of recording and performing, the Masonaires show no signs of slowing down.  

You can find them just about anywhere performing old gospel hymns and hosting benefit programs to help those who are sick, homeless or experiencing financial hardships in various communities.  September 14, 2013 will mark the 45th year anniversary of this dynamic group and what a remarkable 45 years it has been.  They have traveled to many cities over this 45 year span.  

I recently caught up with one of the original members Wesley McLin, Sr. (pictured: 2nd row, 2nd from left).  Mr. McLin has been with the group since its beginning and said that it's "better to give than to receive" and that they enjoy "being a blessing to others".  Based out of Florence, Mississippi, the Masonaires are also members of Mason Lodge 593.  They sponsor fund raisers throughout the year to help with their benevolent mission.  They are also highly requested to perform at funerals and various church and community activities.  They are known for singing those good ole time religion songs that take you back to your grandmother's church in the good ole days. 
We wish the Masonaires a happy 45th anniversary and continued success in the future!  Keep up the good work!

D. C. White is a contributor for Conversations Magazine and the founder of History Records and Entertainment. White also serves as a Producer for "Conversations with Cyrus Webb" television show. You can reach him and find out more information about him

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