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Thursday, July 27, 2017

POETRY: Footprints of Life by Ashley Love

Footprints of Life

As I stepped my feet into the sand,
 I thought about my life and how it’s been.

The struggles and pain tried to break me down,
But thanks to my faith my feet are planted firmly on the ground.

The people I trusted to stick by my side,
Withered away as the seasons flew by.

Those to whom I tried to lend a helping hand,
Turned their backs on me
And disappeared like tiny grains of sand.

The tide picked up,
And the wind grew fierce.
I couldn’t help,
But face my biggest fears.

I was out on the pier,
No shield from the wind.
The ferocious waves,
Kept crashing in.

The careless breeze,
 Filled my eyes with tears,
As I stood there in that moment,
Looking back on the years.

My struggles slowed,
As I learned to let go-
To enjoy the breeze,
And in my life put God in control.

Even as my feet hit rock bottom many days,
I refused to let the pain get in my way.

As I walked by faith and not by sight,
I peered back at my past,
Which was slowly fading out of my life.

As the eager sun shone upon my face,
I finally got to feel loves warm embrace.

As the years passed by-
My life almost complete,
I’m thankful for the memories,
 I will always keep.

From sunrise to sunset,
And all that was in between,
I learned many lessons
 And accomplished many dreams.

I stand in the ocean looking back at where I’ve been,
My footprints are still etched crisply in the sand.

by Ashley Love 

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