Thursday, July 27, 2017

Poetry by James Gordon aka G. P. A., the Greatest Poet Alive

Sleep Watcher
by G.P.A.

As if it were a Broadway play, I watch you sleep.
Alternating soft and loud snores are melodious.
When you toss and turn, reach for more cover, or reach for me, liken to dancers adeptly, effortlessly, and powerfully expressing themselves.
If it seems interlopers called nightmares seek to interrupt a comforting hand and kiss upon your forehead.
A captive audience am I, when I watch you sleep.
Pleasant Sunday and Good Morning Gorgeous

Who Else
by G.P.A.

 Synonyms are what I look up to discover further superlatives to describe
Day and night, stare into the depths of the sky smiling.
My plate has more fruits and vegetables on it, so when I devour, nutrition and satiation arrive
Sip Jameson in shots and full pour like its genetic makeup gives me life

You are, after God, the middle and all that surrounds
You are abundance that continues to flourish
You bring joy with the idea of your existence
You are silly to believe that it is not you

Stand under the shower and soak in the calming water for the longest time
Run determined in inclimate weather as if it were a mere inconvenience
Instinctively place my thumbs to caress the air around
Blow kisses in every direction on a constant basis

 Before we were born and ever met
Whether we occupy personal spaces or intimate distances
The defining of the bridge from something to everything
From this life to the ones to follow

James Gordon, better known as G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), is an international award winning author, champion storyteller, and rising actor from the South side of Chicago. He has written several books that span the genres of poetry, children's, young adult, erotica, and mystery and suspense. James can be seen on episodes of Empire, Chicago Fire,PD,Med, Justice, Shameless, and several movies as well s commercials. He can be found at his website and on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive

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