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Saturday, May 9, 2020

SPOTLIGHT: Sherontelle Dirskell, Celebrity Publicist/Speaker/Author

by Cyrus Webb

“I choose to look for the good, the positive, the opportunities, the blessings, the lessons and the guidance in all situations. My perspective is more important than what’s happening. I choose to shift how I see things instead of allowing myself to be controlled by everything.” Sherontelle Dirskell

There are few women I have seen rise and thrive like Sherontelle Dirskell. She first came to my attention as a celebrity publicist, helping her clients achieve their goals and dreams. In 2019 she emerged as someone who also had goals and dreams to achieve, and she has been doing that as a motivational speaker, author and Influencer.

Sherontelle, it’s great to catch up with you again as Conversations Magazine celebrates its 14th year. You have been busy this year as well, even in spite of how things have been in the world. What has been keeping you inspired in spite of the challenges?
Congratulations & I’m so grateful to be a part of this anniversary issue. My biggest inspiration has been spending more time at home with family. I am so grateful for just waking up to see another day & also inspired by the mentors, life coaches, & motivational speakers who are giving positive motivation to others online during a time such as this.

What I love about the way you are using your platform is that you are showing men and women what they can achieve if they just persevere. What do you think has given you that determination to press forward?  
My mission in life is what keeps me moving forward. My mission is to inspire men, women, & children to live beyond their fears, pursue their dreams and step into their greatness. So with each & every day that passes I challenge myself in how I can not only make myself better but how I can assist on inspiring others to do the same.

Many people got to know you because of your work behind the scenes, working for your clients. Walk us through how you prepared yourself to step out front and share your story?
I  have an amazing mentor, Bernard Edwards, Jr, known as Focus. He is an amazing music producer who gave me some solid advice that I needed to step out and let people know who I am. I made a decision  to take his advice also also understanding this life journey I am on it’s not just about me,  it’s about my gift that I have to share with the people. I realize that if I didn’t come out I would be denying so many others who can benefit from my gift. Knowing these things has afforded me the opportunity to be on some major platforms and also to share my story speaking to audiences of all ages.  I have had to face my fears, stand behind what I do  and start connecting with people  all while staying humble and true to who I am. Hearing someone say to me I didn’t give up because I heard you tell your story, I knew I had did the right thing by stepping in front instead of hiding behind my clients.

Not only have you been sharing your own journey but you have partnered with some amazing people along the way. How important has your support system been for you during this new chapter?
My support system is very important because sometimes being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. Having a great support system gives me positive reinforcement, and definitely helps bring balance to my life.

As I mentioned the world is going through a lot right now, including with uncertainty. What has helped you to stay grounded and focused?
My mission in life, my love for my family and for people in the world, knowing that this is a part of my journey that I can’t control. I know in my heart that this will be over soon, and it’s just a moment in time to make me stronger. I am spending this time during this crisis as a  perfect time for creativity. I am leaning more into my faith and believing that we as a nation will survive this. These are the things that have kept me grounded and focused, because circumstances don't make a person. It reveals who that person truly is.

Success is one of those things that fascinates me, because it is definitely different for everyone. How has your own idea of success changed over the years?
When I was a little girl I used to look at people with material success as being successful. As an adult and as the years go by I define success simply as fulfilling my purpose of why I am here on this earth.

We both use social media to connect with others and share our messages. How has it helped you in your business?
It has helped me expand my business and connect with people all over the world through my online content. I have also been able to gain clients through social media.

Can you give us an idea of what you are looking forward to next?
I am looking forward to living beyond this quarantine life that we are in right now. Also I can say that I am ready to start working internationally to help be an asset to this world being a better place to live in. Nothing last always. We are all here on this earth for the benefit of each other. I am ready for change.

Appreciate the time, Sherontelle. How can our audience stay connected with you?
Thank you so much. I have a website,,, &

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