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Monday, May 29, 2023

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Angela Anderson of Angela's Literary Cafe

Angela, we are glad to have you with us in Conversations Magazine's Business Issue. You are the example of someone who has built a brand based on what they love. What has it been like to share your love of authors and books with the world?

OMGoodness! To see my passion for books and my love of authors in action is truly amazing. 

How did Angela’s Literary Café begin?

Do you want the long version or the short version? (laughs) 

Angela’s Literary Café was birthed out of my passion for all things literary. Add to that my enjoyment of events and event planning. I wanted to create a space for book lovers and authors to connect and grow their author-reader bond. 

I also know how much I enjoy being able to meet authors and be in a space with others in the bookish community. It is the perfect blend. I am intentional about connecting authors and readers together creating memorable moments of meeting their favorite authors to creating an unforgettable literary café experience. When you think of a café, you often think about great conversations in a great environment where you can be yourself and have fun. I wanted to bring that feeling and experience to others.  I also wanted to be able to talk about books and bookish things in a creative and fun way.

The literary café began with a thought and a desire that turned into me taking action. 

Outside of hosting the show you work with authors to share their books with readers.When did you realize that was a service you wanted to offer?

I have a genuine desire to add value to others. It is such a beautiful thing to see others develop and grow into their desired success. I saw that there was a need for these services, and I wanted to fulfill that need. I wanted to provide literary support to authors by providing editorial services, marketing, PR, and literary coaching. Creating a safe place for authors to nurture their craft and share their gifts is important to me. I have several workshops and mastermind classes that I teach individually and in group settings.

Most people don’t know this, but it is such a fulfilling place for me when I am coaching, teaching a course, or speaking at an event. There is no greater feeling than when you have coached someone, or they took a course of yours, and you see them put it into action with results. It makes for a proud teacher. 

Social media is critical for all influencers today. How did you decide the way you were going to use it for your own brand?

I found it to be a great way to network and connect with like-minded people. Social media is a place where you can reach people from all over the world. It is also a way for me to be the sunshine and bring others joy in a positive way. A smile and a kind word go a long way. In addition, I use it as a tool to share my passion for all things literary, marketing, and event planning in a fun and uplifting way that represents who I am and my brand. 

Showing up is not always easy. What helps you to stay consistent, not just online but offline, too?

Angela Anderson Presents, where excellence and relationships are at the forefront. This statement is more than a tagline for me. It is the foundation of my brand. It helps me to consistently show up for myself, my business, and my brand.  Behind the scenes is where it is at, meaning the preparation and planning. 

Has it been easy for you to embrace your own influencer as an Influencer?

Hmmm, great question. Has it been easy? Let’s just say I am learning to embrace it. 

What advice do you have for others when it comes to pursuing their own goals and dreams?

Believe in yourself! Be a forever learner. Be willing to try new things even if you have to do it afraid. Have an 'I can do' attitude! Remember to take care of yourself and refill your cup often. You are more than enough! And lastly, have fun!

Thanks, Angela. How can our readers stay connected with you?

Thank you for the opportunity. Readers can stay connected with me via my website at and my YouTube Channel, Angela Anderson. They can also find me on Facebook and Instagram:


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