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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Actor Tony Todd: A Child at Heart Empowering the World Through His Craft

by Cyrus Webb

I have had the privilege now of interviewing over 10k guests on Conversations LIVE the radio show, but it was beyond a privilege to have a chat with iconic actor Tony Todd about his amazing career. For over 3 decades he has been able to enlighten and frighten us, bringing to life amazing roles in front of the camera such as with Candyman and Final Destination and even inspirational projects like the independent film WORTH.

"I grew up an only child," Mr. Todd told me and thanks to his aunt he was involved in a lot of different programs. "I have always had my active mind," he says. Life was changed for him when an English teacher gave him the script of The Tempest. "It was like a graphic novel had come to life. I wasn't fascinated with any one of the characters. I wanted to be all of them." He told me that is why being an actor is so fulfilling. "I get to play different characters in all that I do."

Outside of acting Mr. Todd told me he has been involved in causes and work that help him to appreciate life more. This includes his work as a Humanitarian, being involved in gang counseling and passion projects like writer/director Eduardo Castrillo's film WORTH. "The empowerment that I get from doing these roles leads me back to the community," he says. "I'm a teacher at heart. Sometimes the only time I can teach is during the roles I do."

Acting is more than a profession for him. According to Mr. Todd "it gives me more purpose to my life."

His advice for aspiring actors and creatives? "I always look for repeat work. It comes from forming relationships with directors, cast members and being true to yourself. Repeat work is where it's at when it comes to longevity. I'm a child at heart. Every day is an open slate."

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