Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Entrepreneur Darren Burk Launches Southern Backdoor Products in Mississippi

It's one thing to talk about a need. It's a totally different thing to go about filling that need.

This year Mississippi native and entrepreneur Darren Burk took the steps to do just that. Frustrated with the lack of quality information about products available online he launched Southern Backdoor Products (SBP) in January 2017 with the mission of not just providing products of quality but that were affordable as well.

"I felt that there was a need to enlighten consumers and give the confidence to purchase products that had been tested and did exactly what was expected," Burk said in an exclusive interview with Conversations' Cyrus Webb.

To kick off his new business he decided to launch a product that was not just attractive but had many benefits: the Himalayan Salt Lamp---and that is just the beginning. "I can see great potential in the production of a diverse range of products," he told Webb, "and to continue our innovations through manufacturing and product improvements that would be beneficial to the consumer market as well."

Though based in Mississippi, Burk says that SBP will be a national and even international force thanks to the internet. "There should be no stopping us when it comes to the potential to grow and expand," he says. The company is committed to keeping their products affordable across the board, ranging between $24.95-$34.95.

To make sure that the company is best utilizing social media and out-of-the-box methods of spreading the word, Burk has brought in Webb as the Director of Marketing and Digital Content. "I'm excited to help share the brand with the world," says Webb, whose social media campaigns have caught the attention of national brands and networks like TV One, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC Network and FOX.

What advice does Burk have for others looking to start their own online business today? "Remain focused," he says. "You have to be persistent in your determination to succeed and surround yourself with like-minded people who will push you, encourage you and make sure you never give up."

The Facebook page for Southern Backdoor Products has just launched! Join SBP at Listen to Webb talk with Burk on Conversations LIVE the radio show in an exclusive interview below:

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