Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Conversations' 25 Authors You Should Know 2023

 As summer approaches, Conversations is excited to share 25 Authors You Should Know in 2023. Some of them might be names you have heard. Others might be new authors who are starting to make their mark. Either way this list brings together 25 authors and books that are sure to keep you engaged and get you talking.


  1. Part of My World by Jodi Benson (Tyndale)
  2. Transformation: The Bounce Back by Dr. Teresa A. Smith (DQ Consulting)
  3. I Am Debra Lee by Debra Lee (Legacy Lit)
  4. A healers Journey to Healing by Porcia Mann (13th & Joan)
  5. What I Really Want Is... But I'm Just Too Full Of... by Seth Lusk
  6. Now Faith by Foster A. Clark (Snyder Press, LLC)
  7. Sunrise by Kristin Abello (Archway Publishing)
  8. From Scratch by David Moscow and Jon Moscow (Permuted Press)
  9. Brer Mack: Struggle & Reward by Isiko Cooks (Peter Mack Presents)
  10. Return to the River by Dave Pelzer (Health Communications, Inc.)
  11. Watching for Dragonflies by Suzanne Marriott (She Writes Press)
  12. Standing Still by William G. Harper, Jr.
  13. The Love You Save by Goldie Taylor (Hanover Square Press)
  14. Dream by Design Inspirational Journal by Melissa Banks
  15. Heart of a Warrior by Fa'apepele Hunkin (TC Publishing)
  16. Coming Home by Cleon Jones with Gary Kaschak (Triumph Books)

  1. The House of Lincoln by Nancy Horan (Sourcebooks)
  2. Blast by Robert Blake Whitehill (Calaveras Media)
  3. The Wrong Catch by Dr. Velma Bagby (Adoni Publishing)
  4. One For Sorrow by D. G. Torrens
  5. Loyal to a Fault by Omar Scott (Outskirts Press)
  6. Havana Hangover by Randy Richardson (Renegade Press)
  7. Super Bloom by Megan Tady (Zibby Books)
  8. Layers of Truth by Rosalie T. Turner (Sun Stone Press)
  9. Mothers Vol. 1 by Ben Burgess, Jr. (Legacy Books)

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