Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

[BOOK REVIEW] Lost your way? Dr. Teresa A. Smith's TRANSFORMATION: The Bounce Back helps you get back on track


No matter who many lessons we believe we have learned or how far we have come in life, there are times when things happen that remind us there is more to learn. 

Dr. Teresa A. Smith is someone I  have followed for some time, and though she has overcome so much and thriving, her new book TRANSFORMATION: The Bounce Back shows that even she is still learning the important lessons of life.

The book shows that even as a bestselling author and motivational speaker Teresa is still having to take her own advice. And when she doesn't, it leads her spiraling down a path that threatened everything she has worked for.

"I had subtle warnings, but Ignored them," she writes in the book. "When we consistently ignore the physical warning, the body adjusts, and the signs that once caught our attention no longer do."

Facing uncertainty, however, she realized what she had to do, and that is what she shares in The Bounce Back, letting our do the work that she is doing so we can get to a place or healing and wholeness again.

Great for those looking to make changes in their lives and commit to themselves again, TRANSFORMATION: The Bounce Back helps you get back on track if you have lost your way. 

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