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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

One-on-One with author Gerry Boylan

by Cyrus Webb

Author Gerry Boylan is someone I have had the pleasure of interviewing on Conversations LIVE the radio show in the past. This year I had a chance to welcome him back in a series of conversations with his grandson Eli Clark. Together they have written an entertaining book called SHOWDOWN AT FIREFLY ISLAND.

In this chat we talk about Gerry's love of storytelling and what it has been like sharing this experience with his grandson. 

Gerry, congratulations on your new book with your grandson Eli Clark. What has it been like to see the response to SHOWDOWN AT FIREFLY ISLAND?  

The response has been terrific and rewarding. Eli said that he learned that if you put the work in to making a book as good as possible, readers will enjoy the story and tell their friends about it. On both a personal level with friends and family enjoying the story and complete strangers appreciating the book, we’re thrilled. 

Storytelling is something you have been doing for some time. When did you realize that writing was a gift you had? 

You’re correct that I’ve been storytelling for a long time and I found I could entertain people from an early age. But putting the time in to learn and excel at the craft of writing started about 15 years ago. It takes time and good teachers/editors to write a story readers will love. 

The business of writing and publishing can be challenging. Has it been easy for you to navigate the changes that have occurred in the industry since you first started?

Like most things, change can be daunting, as you point out, so much has changed since I first published a book 12 years ago. But with the help of my daughter Moira, we’ve been able to adapt. And it helps to know someone like you, who has thrived in the high seas of change. 

Technology is such a big part of our world today. How has it helped you to amplify your message? I’ve found that the message still remains an important part of getting the word out…so that old-school part of the effort is still meaningful. But the ability to reach so many people, and quickly, is a huge benefit, if you have plan for how to maximize exposure via the right technology channels. Watching how you meld your messaging with technology is a great example, Cyrus. 

Part of what you are doing with SHOWDOWN AT FIREFLY ISLAND is raising awareness about the Detroit Police Athletic League. Tell us why that is important for you. 

I learned about giving back to the community from my parents and my wife Kathy, who was a nurse providing care for those without access to insurance. The Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) enabled me to be part of team of inspiring staff, volunteer mentor/coaches and dedicated, caring police officers. PAL helps thousands of Detroit’s children find their greatness via 11 athletic, leadership and enrichment programs. PAL’s programs connecting police officers and children in a positive way is another important part of PAL’s work. 

Thanks again for the time, Gerry. How can our readers stay connected with you

Our website is and my email is 

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