Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

OMEGIA KEEYS: Mastering Business (and Life) Daily!

by Cyrus Webb








These are just a few titles that can be used to describe the dynamic force that is Omegia Keeys*. For the sake of 2023 it can all be wrapped into one word: BOSS.

For years she has blazed her own trail, did things her own way---and set a standard and example of what it means to truly purpose your goals and dreams. When it was decided that Keeys would grace the cover of Conversations Magazine at the beginning of 2022 she was at the time sharing her latest book MASTER YOUR DIGITAL BUSINESS LIKE A BOSS. Now as we are halfway through 2023 she has also released two additional books and movies: FATED REUNION and KEEPING SECRETS. 

In this conversation we discuss the journey and advice for those who want to make the most of the moment. 

Omegia, I am glad I get to reconnect you with the Conversations readers. First of all congratulations on the past decade of work as an author, actress, filmmaker and entrepreneur. Have you had the time to stop and think about all you’ve been able to accomplish?

Moving into this next leg of my journey has forced me to stop and reflect on how far I’ve come. I actually had to sit down and write everything out and wow, what a journey. What is crazy is there are seeds that were planted years ago, that are just now taking root. I’m really just trying to wrap my head around it all.

Where did the love of storytelling come from for you? 

My love of storytelling came from my family. I am the youngest of seven, and we always had cousins or aunts in our home. I used to sit under the dining room table and absorb everything. The adventures with my action figures would be about them. And, my mother is an amazing storyteller. She would tell us black history but the way she did it, it seems as if it were written in a book and I couldn’t wait until the next installment. 

Over the past few years you have gotten a lot of attention for your films dealing with the social issues we see all around us. Talk to our readers about why projects like FROM JIM TO JAMES CROW and SURVIVING AMERICA have been so important for you to share? 

Both projects are very important to me because they are my creative love letter back to the community. I learned from, From Jim to James Crow and feel I made an even bigger step with Surviving America. A lot of times when I watch documentaries about social justice they make it seem so long ago and negate that we are still fighting the fight today. Also, it ignores the fact that not only were a lot of those who fought for justice in the 60s still alive today, but so are those who opposed the change. I have always been outspoken and this was my way of speaking out. I wanted to use our voices, and not the voices of those who are disconnected from the experience. 

Partnerships have been important for any of us trying to achieve great things. How has surrounding yourself with the right people benefited you over the years?

To be honest it took a while to find the right people. For years I had to go at it alone because people just didn’t get the creative side of me. Often times when you include people on your vision, your vision starts to get twisted into what they want your vision to be. Thankfully, I finally found the right people. My business partner Kathy Taylor is instrumental in not only seeing my vision, but pushing me even further. When people get you, it only makes you want to do even more. It is as if you were holding back until the right people come along, you know they have your back, and then comes the great flood of ideas. 

You began 2022 with a new book MASTER YOUR DIGITAL BUSINESS LIKE A BOSS as well as a new podcast. Where did the idea for business coaching come from?

The idea came from me always helping others along my journey. My inbox is always full of questions from those who need help. I am big on reaching back and lifting others who want to help themselves up and so is Kathy. The best way to do so now is in the form of the book, podcast, and the actual 10 lesson course, Master Your Digital Business Like a Boss. We show them our process and share my experiences to cut years off of their journey. 

In the book you share a bit of your own journey. People see where you are, Omegia, and want to get there now. Do you think most realize the amount of work it takes to achieve the success that you have today?

I honestly don’t think they understand all of the hard work it takes to get here. People don’t see the daily grind, and when you don’t see something it can’t be real. I will take Surviving America for example. I knew everything that needed to happen and it took a full year after the film was released of staying on the marketing. I had a plan prior to the release and the plan was flawed due to changes with the algorithms on social media. I had to figure it out and make a big pivot. For some that would have stopped them. I took it as a challenge. I researched more and figured it out until something stuck. 

 People see my updates about the numbers, but they don’t know what it takes behind the scenes. I used to run track so I considering it the conditioning phase in preparation for the big meet. 

Time is our most precious commodity for sure. We are all trying to make the most of every day. I have to ask, though, how do you carve out time for yourself so you’re not left behind?

Funny, I am in every creative thing I do. Even when I try to take a break, my mind is swirling with ideas. But, to combat the need for myself I plan things out. I get with my business partner and we hash out everything that needs to be done from now until 6, 12, and even 24 months down the road. We set deadlines and in staying organized you free up time for yourself. I’m never scrambling and feeling as if I’m behind. I can take those breaks when I need to.

Social media has helped the two of us stay connected and allowed you to reach a new audience. Especially during the pandemic how has your approach to social media changed or evolved?

Wow, the pandemic pushed me to be more open and share myself with my audience. I always shared the business, but I started to let them really see me and see that every day isn’t a great day but I’m still at it. I think going live and sharing more videos has been the biggest change. 

What is your hope that the book, podcast and training accomplish when it comes to those looking to start or grow their businesses?

My hope is that it encourages someone who was afraid to start and that once they start they see that they are not alone. Plus, by taking the advise they can avoid some of missteps me and Kathy made on our journeys. With the podcast they can see how Kathy and I work together. We don’t always agree but we do respect each other’s viewpoints. Having a yes person in your corner will not help your business.

I can’t have you here and not have you share some tips for our readers. What would you say to those who want to make this their year?

If you want to make it my biggest thing is to start! There are people out there who can’t hold a penny to your talent but you are too scared to make the leap. Stop being afraid. Stop allowing others to define who you are destined to be. Stop comparing yourself to someone else’s journey. Just start and if you need help get a copy of Master Your Digital Business Like a Boss, take the course, or listen to the podcast The Business LAB Unfiltered. 

Thanks again for all you do, Omegia. Again, so proud of you and all your accomplishments. How can we stay connected with you? 

Thank you so much Cyrus. I am thankful to have shared 90% of my entrepreneur journey with you over the years. Please stay connected with me at AboutFace Media on Facebook at  as well as Omegia Keeys on social media. 

*    Photos of Omegia Keeys by Mari'on Keeys 

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