Monday, February 12, 2024

[BOOK REVIEW] Sonya's Little Book of Quotes by Sonya Howell Barrow helps you keep going in spite of the challenge


Sometimes all it takes is the right word to get us to realize that we can overcome any challenge that we encounter. With SONYA'S LITTLE BOOK OF QUOTES we see how Sonya Howell Barrow uses scripture and positive affirmations to buffer her in different situations. 

She's even developed her own method: FIRE (stands for Fearless, Inspired, Resilient and Empowered) to remind her of the action she needs to take. It doesn't mean that we won't face dark times, but it DOES mean we won't allow them to consume us. 

Out of the FIRE method it was RESILIENT that stood out to me. Sonya writes in the book "My Be Resilient approach in life has helped me to remain vigilant and focused despite my circumstances. This skill allowed me to bounce back wiser and stronger."

That is something all of us can appreciate and strive for in our lives. When challenges present themselves allow FIRE to help you stay on track so you can win. 

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