Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Saturday, July 15, 2023

[BOOK REVIEW] Navigating the challenges of life, MOTHERS VOL. 1 offers a look at what some will do to survive

 Author Ben Burgess, Jr. is known for telling stories that explore themes that we see in real-life. His book MOTHERS VOL.1 is another example of that, taking us into a family dealing with challenges in life that threaten to destroy them all.

We meet Juanita, a mother who is trying to do right by her sons after tragedy made her a single mother. In addition to just trying to make it, she is dealing with health challenges with her son Jerami and the lure of the streets with her oldest Jalen. Will she lose it all while trying to provide a better life for them---or will her family finally get a break?

This story is sure to resonate with readers, mainly because it's something we can all relate to. What would we do if all we loved was threatened? How do you resist the draw of a better life that comes in the streets while also dealing with the consequences? 

Allowing us to explore the family through the different lenses they are experiencing life, the book gives us a look at what they are facing, how they deal with it and the outcome of it all. 

Definitely a book that speaks to the heart and keeps you engaged from the first chapter. MOTHERS VOL. 1 offers a look at what some will do to survive. 

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