Tuesday, July 11, 2023

[MOVIE REVIEW] What an extraordinary look at an extraordinary man. Chevalier introduces us to Joseph Bologne

by Cyrus Webb

 I have to admit that before I started hearing about the movie Chevalier I had never heard of Joseph Bologne. That is why I see this film as so important. Though there are those who will argue about how much is real and what is imagined for Hollywood, Chevalier does a great job of introducing many of us to a man who definitely made a mark---and may have paid the price by almost being erased from history.

Taking just the film into account I love how it showcases his competitive spirit and desire to prove he belongs. That is a message that we can relate to even today. It also shows the role of power and politics in life, and how they can come together to either create opportunities or cause havoc. 

It also shows that even though we might try to forget our past it is there to teach us and to at times guide us. We saw that in Joseph's mother and the lesson he was able to get about how some would always see him---and how by fighting he could show he was so much more than another black man.

A story that inspires and is a cautionary tale of what happens when you fly so high you become a threat to the establishment, Chevalier shows how one man was willing to do all in his power to shake things up and make a difference, regardless of the cost. 

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