Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ice T's Son-In-Law Uses 'Trial & Error' To Make His Mark

Ice T's Son-In-Law Uses 'Trial & Error' To Make His Mark

by Cyrus Webb

He is known to many as the Son-In-Law of Hip Hop Legend Ice-T, but at a time where the relatives of celebrities count on their famous connections to get by in life, 30-year old recording artist/producer Corey Davis aka Kut Supreme wants his own talent as an emcee and artist to speak for itself.

As far back as 2005, Kut could be found performing in clubs across Kentucky. He's been featured on compilation albums (THE BLAK CODES ENTERTAINMENT CHAPTER 1, THE UNDERGROUND EVOLUTION PAGE 1,GOT IT BOYZ and HIP HOP AND BOOKS: The Compilation, Volume 1) and has had the pleasure of performing with artists not only in Mississippi and Kentucky but in Alabama and Georgia as well.

One-half of the group The Blak Circle, Kut Supreme is hoping to make 2010 his own with the release of his solo album TRIAL & ERROR.

"Music has always been a part of my life, and now I am able to make a name for myself on my own terms."

TRIAL & ERROR is a lyrical journal of the young artist's life. Seen as his most personal work to date, listeners will get a glimpse at a man that is just beginning to let others in.

"When I get in the booth or on stage I am telling the story of my life, or our life," says Kut. "I rap about the experiences I have seen, but I also like to give the people fun music they can ride to, dance to or just chill to." Feel-good tracks like High Roller are just part of the diversity the new project brings.

"I'm just ready to take this music game and my career to the next level," says Kut. "I've put in work over the years, and it's beginning to pay off for me big time. I'm ready for it all."

Other than promoting himself as an artist, Kut is also involved promoting the importance of reading through a project called HIP HOP & BOOKS and The Write Stuff Literacy Campaign. "When I heard about the "Hiphop & Books" project, I knew I had to be a part of it," Kut explained. "I want people that enjoy my music and that of other Hip Hop artists to know that we are more than just entertainers. We are intelligent human beings as well. Education is important, and reading opens the mind. Anything dealing with helping others help themselves is a good thing." He is also writing a screenplay and hopes to get involved in acting as well. Kut is joined by rapper/author/actor Tray Chaney (Poot from HBO's The Wire) and Rapper/author Jacki-O are also a part of literary projects.

When he talks about his famous Father-In-Law, Kut says that he feels fortunate to have Ice-T's life of persistance and staying power to go by. "He is the perfect example of doing all you can to make your mark in the world. That's what I want to do with my life as well."

To find out more about Kut Supreme and TRIAL & ERROR, visit Contact Cyrus Webb for interviews or bookings at or 601.896.5616.

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