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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A NEW BEGINNING: Conversations' 2011 Book Of The Year

(Sat., January 1, 2011) Shadow Play Entertainment and its subsidiaries are pleased to announce that their choice for Book of the Year for 2011 is A NEW BEGINNING by Alfred Langer.

"It was an obvious choice for us this year," says Cyrus Webb, President of Shadow Play Entertainment and Conversations Book Club. "Our theme for 2011 was "A Year Of New Beginnings". We want people to look at themselves, evaluate their circumstances and look at their past as a catalyst to do more in the future. Today is a new day, and everyday we are alive is a chance for a new beginning. With that in mind, Langer's book chronicles just that message and should give all of us hope for the future."

The readers of A New Beginning will experience a remarkable journey. Through the heart, mind and eyes of a young Alfred Langer they will have a new comprehension and understanding of the horrors of war, sense the tragedy of homelessness, and appreciate the reality of losing everything they own. But through the massive heartbreak and callous misfortune they will also be exposed to and learn unforgettable lessons of family values and uncompromising faith.

As reader Katy Chilcoat, in Columbus, Ohio recently observed, “A New Beginning is a powerful example of survival and overcoming rejection and seemingly insurmountable odds in order to achieve the American dream. Mr. Langer’s persistence and determination are not only extremely inspirational, but a study in personal responsibility. This is an important book, laced with stirring and touching motivation, which should be read by everyone.”

(Webb seen here with Conversations' Book of the Year, A New Beginning) Alfred told Shadow Play Entertainment that he was extremely pleased and enormously honored to have A New Beginning chosen as the Book of the Year. Many of his readers have expressed their thanks for his literary efforts and indicated that this is a book, which will touch your heart and stay in your mind long after reading the final chapter.

To celebrate the choice, Langer's book will be featured on all of Shadow Play Entertainment's main webpages. To find out more about Langer and the book, visit

Listen to the author's interview with Cyrus Webb on Conversations LIVE Radio here.

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