Friday, April 1, 2011

PROFILE: Recording Artist Sterling8

by Cyrus Webb for Conversations Magazine

For Alton, Illinois native Sterling8, music is not just something he loves, it's a part of his life. Now calling New York City home, he is creating his own sound, amassing fans around the world thanks to the internet and living his dreams.

Currently he is preparing to tour the US and the UK while working on his first album. In this interview, he talks about the creation of his public persona, staying true to himself in a business that encourages conformity and what he hopes others take away from his journey.

When did you realize that you had a passion for music?
It might sound weird, but I always felt I was born to be in music. I felt I was born for something bigger than the situation I was in. By the time I was eight like a lot of kids I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. There were a lot of emotions at such a young age I shouldn’t and couldn’t deal with. But at the same time I had very happy moments. It’s always been like living to emotional lives at once. But when it was too much for one person music became my world. In my mind I would drift away to a musical place. Throughout my life it has been my Home. I call it Dynasty8.

When it comes to musical influences, who have been instrumental in helping you find your own voice?
When I went in the studio for the first time all I knew was I wanted Sterling8 to sound like a marriage with my past and future, what influences me most is House, Gospel, Funk, Rock & Roll tied together with pop. I call it Organic Futurism Ha-ha.

I love and have always been inspired by so many! Off the top of my head, Sade, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, P-funk, The Beatles, Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Chan, Celia Cruz, Prince, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Jackson, Everything But The Girl, Kim Burell Beethoven, Andre 3000, Gnarles Barkley Plus so many more.

There are a lot of people who feel as though they can be in the entertainment industry. Where did your courage come from that told you that you could make it?
I started in the Industry at eleven. So it’s defiantly something I’ve always been working on. My courage has come from the darkest times in my life. I learned if it’s your dream you have to fight for it and be bold! And for some reason I’ve always looked for the humor in the dark situations and that gives me courage.

Sterling8, I have noticed that you use your social networking sites to not only promote yourself but to encourage others as well. Why is that important to you?
I love social networking! Because it allows us expand are world. I want people to know where all the same. No one on is lesser or greater. Life isn’t always awesome, but we can get through it and with the right knowledge we can even make it amazing!

For those who are just finding out about you, what do you hope they get not just from your music but from who you are?
I want to dare people to dream! I want people to imagine and find themselves as the person they always wanted to be. You’re not weird because you don’t fit in. You might be weird if you do fit in ha-ha! I want people to dance and experience the land of funk.

Have you found it difficult for people to separate the public you from the person that is the entertainer?
In a way, yes. I am very private in some ways, but Sterling8 to me is my life’s painting. I don’t want to tell people what the art should be, like all art I want people to use their imagination.

I will say this we are the same, but very different. The public me was only a small part of who I am. I lacked courage and after always trying to please people I had become something untrue/ unfunny and unhappy. Sterling8 is who I really am; it’s who I’ve always been in my mind. If you want to know me just open your eyes.

For 2011 our theme is "A Year of New Beginnings." What are you looking forward to in 2011 and what should your fans be expecting from you?.
This year is going to be Mind-blowing! I’m happy to say I’ll be releasing my first official single around the world !!! Going on tour in the US and In the UK. And releasing my first EP. Also If I get a chance this year It would be a dream come true to work with Human Rights in different countries.

Finally, I have to ask you about your advice from others who are interested in getting into the entertainment industry. What would you say to them as they decide if this is really the life for them?
It’s a few things that have helped me. Don't let anyone block your dreams. Study your craft and become the best you that you can be. Stay focused and keep your eyes open for the next step. If you want to be great surround yourself with as many great people as you can!

Thank you for your time and congratulations on your success. How can our listeners stay in contact with you?
Thank you for coming into my mind. My website is and you can always find me on twitter @Sterling8music!

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