Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oprah Inspires A Man's Mission To Live His Best Life Now


A male media mogul in the making inspired by the Queen of Talk? The initial thought might seem somewhat unlikely, however, a 35 year old man from Oprah Winfrey's home state of Mississippi, is proving that there is truly no limit to those who look up to and hope to emulate the reach of her brand.

Cyrus Webb (known in artistic circles as C. A. Webb) has been following the path of Oprah for the past decade. After dealing with some internal as well as external challenges in his life, Webb began to use his love of the arts to share his personal story and encourage others to follow their dreams.

As a visual artist, spoken word artist, public speaker, mentor, publicist, radio and television show host, print and online magazine publisher, columnist and President of Conversations Book Club and its chapters, Webb works daily to encourage, inspire and learn. Through his various projects, it is his goal that others will use their own artistic voices to make a difference. What told him that he could achieve all that he had over the past 10 years? It was Oprah.

"Oprah's story is not just a woman's story," Webb says. "It is an American story and an example of what one can do not only for themselves but in the lives of others." Though the brand he is building is based on his own interests, Webb has brought others into his organization that expands his reach. Case in point, when listeners to his radio show wanted information about subjects such as inspiration, health, sports, fashion and cooking, Webb was able to bring in individuals such as author Mary E.Gilder (co-host of "Inspirational Conversations), Herschel Dixon (now the host of "Herschel D's Weekly Sports Wrap-Up) , Chef Bruce Tretter (now the host of "Quick & Easy Cooking with Bruce Tretter), author Michele Howe (host of "Prescription For LIfe") and fashion designer/stylist Gail Ambeau (host of "Fashion Forward with Gail") to do weekly segments. All have been a welcomed addition.

One feat that Webb is tackling now that Oprah hasn't is writing a book. Currently he is working on a serialized supernatural novel called BLESSED.

Webb also wants others to know that there are men who are not just about themselves but are trying to make a difference as well. "We have enough examples of what men are doing wrong," Webb says. "I wanted to show that good guys can finish first and succeed as well."

To connect all of his projects together, Webb launched the website Through it Webb blogs about experiences, shares updates for his organization as well as information about his clients and upcoming projects. There are also featured book reviews on the site as well as commentaries on current events.

"With a new year we are able to start fresh in the way we tackle life and the challenges we face," says Webb. "That is what I hope to continue to do, and I hope others will glean something from my work that encourages them the way that Oprah has encouraged me."

Read Webb's article about Oprah and her network OWN in the March/April issue of Conversations Magazine out now or at

For more information about Cyrus Webb and his projects, visit You can also contact him at or 601.896.5616.

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