Sunday, September 4, 2011

The September Issue Of Conversations Magazine Revealed

Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that the September issue of Conversations Magazine is now available, and for Editor-In-Chief Cyrus Webb it is one of his proudest moments for the publication. "Our team delivered something amazing with this one," says the 36 year old Mississippi native. The September issue is not just a continuation of our mission, it's a true testament to what we stand for."

One of the articles that makes the newest issue of Conversations Magazine unique is its look at President Barack Obama and his job performance thus far. This marks the first time in the publication's five year history that it has addressed the issue of politics. "It's not something that was easy for me to do," admits Webb. "I had avoided politics and covering politicians in the past because I didn't want the magazine to just be about my thoughts and opinions about elected officials." The way Webb was able to address it in the September issue was by posing a question and inviting individuals of all walks of life to reach out and share their views.

Another area where the magazine ventured into new territory was by showcasing the needs of veterans and their families once their tour of duty has ended. "With the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks around the corner I wanted to do something to remind people that our freedom isn't free," says Webb. "There are some people who pay the ultimate cost for the life we are afforded, and I wanted to bring some attention to that and what they have to go through.

Here is a sneak peek INSIDE THIS ISSUE...

* From Me To You
* Mary's Motivational Message: Soul Mate Friends
* "Falling In Love With YOU" by Cyrus Webb
*"The Legacy of Reading Rainbow" by Cyrus Webb
*"Murder, Suicide or Natural Causes? The Death of Today's Music and Book Stores"
*Remembering Bestselling Author L. A. Banks
*PROFILE: Ed Wiseman, Producer/Director of Reading Rainbow
*"Reading Rainbow's Passport Around The World Through Books" by Eddie Brown
*PROFILE: Chaplains Bill and Anne Bowman
*"Remembering (and Respecting) Our Veterans" by Chaplain Bill Bowman
*PROFILE: Author Steven Janke
*Acting on Faith: Ryan Kolbe
*"Dating and Relationships in 2011" by Meg Collins
*In Remembrance: Author Nathaniel "Nati" Holmes
* Kenneth Worth: A Life Of Hard Times and Great Blessings
*POETRY: "Surrounded" by Alexander Gibson
*POETRY: "Have You Ever?" by Alexander Gibson
*Model Citizen: Tyler Townsend
*Model Citizen: Mathurin Owona
*Model Citizen: Lauren Eichhorn
*"Once Upon A Time In The Time Of The Nazis" by Jo Ann Bender
*"Ageless Journey: Not A Nightmare" by Helene Weinberger
*JACKSON JUGGERNAUTS; Reaping The Rewards of Faithfulness
*"Kim Vazquez: New From the Inside Out"
*"Appreciating The Moment: The LaShunda Lewis Jones Story"
*"PROFILE: Poet Carolyn M. Rodgers" by Tony Lindsay
*Author Michael Hicks: Tweeting His Way To Literary Success
"Change You Can Believe In: The Jason Sole Story"

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