Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kenny Lattimore: Helping the World 'Find A Way' Back to Real Music

by Cyrus Webb

The New York Times may have said it best when it called Kenny Lattimore the "Modern Soul Man", and though it's been a decade since his last solo project not much has changed.

The man who is known for sultry love songs that will stimulate your mind and give the guys something to recite to that special lady is back with new music and sharing all that he is with all of us. His single FIND A WAY delivers not only the melodic rhythms that you come to expect but a message of what it means to truly get to a woman and be who she wants her man to be.

The past couple of years he has literally been around the world and back again, meeting his fans, sharing his music and his talents on stage and showing us all what it means to live life on purpose. Getting this interview with Lattimore was not only an honor for me but something that I knew lovers of music would enjoy as well as individuals looking for an example of what is possible for them in relationships and in life. In this man we see an example of both.

In one of the most insightful conversations I've had Kenny Lattimore takes us into the depths of who he is and strives to be and what he hopes for all of us as well.

"I really feel that my musical purpose has been to speak to the hearts of women and the minds of men. It's been about my own personal journey, the way we approach communication and approach life. As I learn things and experience things I am able to put it in my music. I'm careful to give something for the ladies and not leave out my male listeners. I want the men to know that there is strength in wanting to know and understand women."

"One of the most difficult things was knowing my purpose when it wasn't popular. Knowing my musical purpose was more than what was sometimes expected I had to keep rolling and stay true to myself, not allowing anyone to deter me. As I have matured I have been able to embrace it more. There's no getting around this simple fact: God calls you to a purpose."

"Music is a platform of communication. I had strong ideals about love and what love should be, but I wasn't always sure how I wanted to translate that fully. I had to get comfortable. As you live you get better."

"As an artist there is a certain sense of vulnerability that we have to accept. Everything you want to do is not always going to translate. Your purpose can't be to fulfill myself. It has to be to give to others. That's what I have been working on over the years."

"I would have to say that my greatest passion is mentoring and giving information. As a mentor you become very protective of people. That is one of the reasons I started the KL Foundation. It includes mentoring, education and the arts. Through the platform I have I am able to talk freely about the things I am passionate about."

"I appreciate you even when I have been trying to figure it out. The fans believed that whatever I did I would continue to come with a certain quality. For me it is about being able to build a legacy that is reputable and respected."

"It's tough when the world is going in a particular direction and you may feel as though you are out there by yourself. The important thing is making decisions that let you know you are doing the right thing. It might not be easy. It takes the consistently to understand who you are and be strong in that. Embrace where you are suppose to go. There is a tremendous blessing in embracing your purpose."

"Despise not the day of small beginnings. That is what I say to people who are trying to figure it out. God delights when we start. We sometimes think everything has to be lined up a certain way. Even when you don't understand your purpose you can discover it and walk in it."

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