Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tony Terry: Setting Fire to the Rain through Music

by Cyrus Webb

His is an electrifying voice that is unmistakable to lovers of R&B.

Whether you are talking about the singles Forever Yours, With You, Heart of a Man or even Lovey Dovey, Tony Terry is one of those recording artists that has been consistent in his career and appeal to his fans.

In 2012 he pleased music lovers around the world with his single Get It All. I found out about it myself through an online friend named Martha Samasoni in New Zealand! Through her I was able to get an interview with Terry, discussing his journey in music and the impact he has been able to make on the world through it.

"I don't think that what I do or what I've done musically has anything to do with me as a man," Terry told me during our conversation. "I give all glory to God. Music is what I do. To me the fact that people are still interested in the music that I make is something that I appreciate and don't take for granted."

There are so many artists out there that are into the fame and fortune of the industry. For Tony Terry, it is something much more personal. "I think my responsibility is to make honest music. If you're a fan of my work then you know my music is all over the place. I write about what is going on. Most often I write from my reality. That is what the fans pick up on. Real begets real."

Photo credit: Dexter Bowman
That realness goes behind just a catchy hook. Fans of Tony Terry are known for looking past the melody to the words he sings. "I'm not really trying to write trendy," he told me. "I write about matters of the heart. The fact that my songs are used for special events in my fans' lives means a lot. It confirms for me my instinct. It's hard to be vulnerable and to write songs that open you up to criticism and judgement, but it is that honesty of the moment that makes my songs connect with people."

Thanks to social media, Terry doesn't have to wait until he goes on the road to hear what his fans think about his career, impact and new music. "I'll share the song on my Facebook page and get feedback," he says. "A song I might be unsure of might get the most positive response. I know what I want to do musically. Getting the feedback let's me know what people want to hear from me. It helps to shape the listening experience."

Look for more music from Tony Terry in 2013 and additional appearances around the world sharing it. His message to those who have stood by him and are just being introduced to him is this: "I want people to know that I don't take it for granted. I realize how lucky I am that music I make has become the soundtrack of people's lives. Thank you to the people who allow me in."

Stay in contact with Tony Terry on his website at You can also find him on Twitter at and Facebook at

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