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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tony Lindsay Presents... Toni Morrison

Only a few American writers have won both a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize; one African American writer has this honor, Tony Morrison: Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for fiction Beloved and The Noble Prize for Literature in 1993. However, as a writer her prose is not limited to fiction.

‘What Moves at the Margins’ is a collection of essays, critiques, and social commentary that reveals Morrison’s generous heart and gives insight into what she considers a writer’s responsibility. The collection offers a watchful eye on the future, recommends some outstanding writers, and advises on the power of language. As with her career, her political stands and concerns for those living on the margins are quite clear in the work.

From her 1984 essay “Rootedness: The Ancestor As Foundation” Morrison writes,
"If anything I do, in the way of writing novels (or whatever I write) isn’t about the village or the community or about you, then it is not about anything. I am not interested in indulging myself in some private, closed exercise of my imagination that fulfills only the obligation of my personal, dreams-which is to say yes, the work must be political. It must have that as its thrust. That’s a pejorative term in critical circles now: if a work of art has any political influence in it, somehow it’s tainted. My feeling is just the opposite: if it has none, it is tainted."(64)

Chloe Anthony Wofford, Toni Morrison, is a national treasure. A valuable resource to students, scholars, critics, and thinkers in this country and the world, but most importantly, she is a treasure to readers of today and tomorrow.

Tony Lindsay is an award-winning author and adjunct professor at Chicago State University. His book ONE DEAD DOCTOR was chosen by Conversations Book Club as one of its Top 100 Books of 2012. Lindsay was named Conversations Author of the Year 2012-2013.  His new book EMOTIONAL DRIPPINGS is available now on He can be reached at or on Facebook at

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