Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rolonda Watts: Using Fiction to Dive Into the Truth of Life

by Cyrus Webb

Like many people around the world I have been a fan of Rolonda Watts for quite some time. What she has accomplished as a journalist and media personality has definitely set her apart from others, and this year she added the title of Author to her already impressive resume.

When I visited Los Angeles in February of this year my good friend Ann-Marie of Get Red PR arranged for me to sit down for a conversation with Ms. Watts to discuss her journey---and what a conversation it was.

Her novel Destiny Lingers is one of those books that reaches you wherever you might be and reminds us of what is still possible. "Destiny Lingers has been a life journey for me," Rolonda told me during the discussion. "I have to admit that it started off as a hobby. I would go to the beach with my friends. They brought a book to read. I brought a book to write...I had so much I wanted to say that I determined myself to turn it into a novel."

At the core of the book are questions about the main characters Destiny and Chase that we are readers can ask ourselves when it comes to our lives: What if two individuals who couldn't be together had a chance to meet again? What would you do with the second chance at your first love?

"I'm not Destiny," Rolonda tells me when I asked her what was it like to slip into the character's skin and tell this story. "When I writing the story it was painful for me. I'm a lot more ballsy a woman (than Destiny). It was so interesting having a relationship with her during this journey. Destiny is like a lot of girls, more methodic, more thinking. Destiny is more in her head...She's so available to love and doesn't know where to find it." She finds such love, however, in Chase.

The story mirrors life today for so many. There are those who raised a certain way, with certain beliefs. Will their children and their children continue with that way of thinking or choose another path? Discussing her generation and those who have come up since, Rolanda says this: "We have the choice to make that difference."

At the end of our time together discussing the book, Rolonda told her her "whole life" is Destiny Lingers. "The observances I've made about my life. It is the story of love and the story of our country. My novel is almost like an ode to America or an ode to love."

Destiny Lingers is available now online through or through You can stay connected with Rolonda on social media at or

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