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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

MINDING YOUR BUSINESS with Dr. Teresa A. Smith aka Dr. TAS


Dr. Teresa A. Smith, aka Dr. TAS

Dr. Teresa A. Smith wears many hats, including being an Assistant Professor, best-selling author, home cook, personal development coach, empowerment speaker, talk show and podcast host as well as a radio contributor.

When did you know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur or business owner? 

From a young age, I had dreams of becoming a business owner. I closely observed my dad's actions while working with him in his small convenience store. The dream became a reality in 2006.

Was it an easy decision for you to start? What helped you in the beginning? 

Completing the paperwork to incorporate my business was simple, but getting it off the ground was a struggle. In the early stages, I was fortunate to have friends who were successful business owners and acted as mentors to me.

What about your audience? How did you know who you wanted to serve, and how did you go about reaching them? 
My goal was to assist individuals seeking a unique path toward their dreams, embracing religious and non-religious approaches. Some clients came about organically through my network, while others were referred to me.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your journey? 
The most rewarding aspect of my journey is seeing my audience grow personally, professionally, and academically.

Can you share some of the challenges?
Business owners face challenges such as limited staff, finding reliable outsourcing options, leveraging technology, fostering innovation, prioritizing customer needs, and implementing agile processes based on real-time feedback and changing market conditions.

The world is changing daily. How have you been able to keep up with the changes in your area?
To stay current in my field, I focus on training, embracing technology, assessing my metrics, analyzing trends, staying adaptable, and seeking feedback and collaboration.

What role has social media played in helping you grow your business and reach your audience? 
Social media has helped my business expand globally, beyond just my community, state, and region, thereby leveling the playing field and allowing me to reach a much larger audience. 

I've worked with and served individuals without ever meeting them in person, yet the established connections have only gotten stronger as time has passed.

What advice do you have for others looking to start their own business or become an entrepreneur?
My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs or new business owners is: First, embrace the fact that you don't know everything and commit to continuous learning in your field. Second, embrace the constant change and learn to accept it quickly. Third, seek out mentors who can guide you. Fourth, please don't underestimate the importance of marketing and social media marketing for your business; it's essential. Fifth, stay committed to your passion, mission, and values. Sixth, be ready to adjust and keep up with the changing world. Seven, embrace collaborative partnerships without fear. Eight, learn to be comfortable with making mistakes, as it is a crucial part of the learning process. Nine, be kind to yourself as you navigate the path of entrepreneurship. Then, prioritize self-care so you can effectively manage your business.


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