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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miami Rapper Big G: Bringing The 'Heat' With "Yes We Did"

by Cyrus Webb

When he was just 18 years old he wrote and recorded the song "I'm Not The Same" for the literacy campaign Hip Hop and Books. Now two years later Gabriel "Big G" Fernandez is hoping to make his mark with his new song praising Miami Heat called "Yes We Did".

"I started doing beats for songs when I was around 14," says the Miami resident, "but it was really around the age of 17 that I started taking it more seriously. Music has always been around Big G, even as far back as at the age of 7 when he started off playing the piano.

His musicial influences since that time have changed, and he credits recording artists like Eminem , Jay-z, Tupac, Nelly and P. Diddy with helping him to develop his own style.

As a way to share his love of music and interact with others, Big G started his own radio show at the age of 18 called "The Big G Show" online through He shared some of his own original songs as well as that of others. What was the response? "Alot of people told me that my songs come out like Emenim," he says. "They told me they like my flow and the way I put my lyrics together." He then added: "Alot of people told me that they also like the fact that I did rap that was positive."

Why have a positive message? Big G answers this way: "My point is being unique and different. My main goal is to send a positive message that can change someone's life. People in trouble may hear a song that says do something with your life and it might click in their lives, and they may make a change."

So what led Big G to write and record the song Yes We Did? "Since I was a kid I have always loved basketball," he says, "and I have been a fan of the Miami Heat for a while. Alonzo Mourning and Shaq are definitely two of my favorite players. In high school I even played basketball. When I started doing music, I always kept up with them as my favorite team. I saw this as a way to recognize the team and the importance of teamwork."

The song "Yes We Did" is now available on iTunes for only .99. Big G says he hopes the song will become part of Miami Heat's rallying cry. For more information about Big G, contact his manager Petros Haldoupis at (305) 951-6178. Find out more about him and his music at


  1. Big G's Music Is AWSOME =)

  2. This kid is talented. He is definately an artist to keep an eye on. Is there more of his music we can listen to?

  3. nice im loving his songs

  4. Congratulations to Big G. I see this guys music going far, can't wait to see what's coming up next for him.