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Minister Patricia A. Thomas: Sharing Faith, Hope In A Time Of Need

by Cyrus Webb for

During this usual festive time of year, many people are finding themselves overwhelmed with the cares of the day and their own mounting problems. It is because of this, that people like Minister Patricia A. Thomas balances her gifts as an author and youth advocate with teaching the truth from God's Word along with giving them something they can use in their time of need as well.

The Arcadia, Louisiana native currently lives in Columbus, Ohio where she has been sharing the message of her book GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY and allowing herself to be used to give an inspiration to those who need it. Just days before Christmas, she shared with me the importance of her faith, how she encourages those she meets and why it is so important that we search God's Word for the truth. Thomas also told me about her New Year's Resolution for 2011 and how it is something all of us might want to consider committing to.

Here is our conversation:

Patricia, thank you for taking some time to talk with us. You're the author of  GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY!, and we'll talk about that in a minute. First, I want to talk about your faith and its role in your life. When did you realize that you were called to do something great?
Cyrus, first I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to interview me again. Now to answer your question- I believe that we all have been called to be great in regards to serving each other- the way that God would want us to serve. The Holy Bible says, "faith without works is dead."  I have seen several tangible and visible signs and wonders from God that has allowed me to boldly do and say what I believe. And, I am aware that because God has given me a lot, he expects a lot from me, because the Bible says "to whom much is given, much is required." 

 2010 has been a rough year for a lot of people. Whether it's the economy, dealing with family and relationship issues or just the struggles of day-to-day living. As a minister, how do you encourage people to keep going when they don't see any hope?

God wants us all to know that He is in control and at times, God allows storms to come in our lives to teach us that valuable lesson. With that being said, I encourage people, in this country, to stay prayerful, focused and content on how much more they have than others in many parts of the world. God wants us to be thankful for what He has done for us and to still praise Him in spite of our temporary challenging situations.


 You are a person who has to give of yourself so much through your ministry. What keeps you motivated?

The main motivating force for me is to see the smiles on people's faces that God has used me to touch, especially our priceless youth.


 Your book, GOD REVEALS A MYSTERY!,  discusses a range of topics, including evolution, the role of the Devil in the world as well as the real identity of dinosaurs. None of these are easy issues to tackle. Tell our readers how the book came about.

My one-of-a-kind book came about by God's divine intervention with Him showing me in small puzzle pieces what Apostle John meant when he wrote in Revelation 12:9, that "the dragon, is the serpent of old, is the devil, or Satan". My true book is growing and will continue to grow. God has given me a great gift of VISION to not only tell of who the crafty devil or serpent is and the true origin of demons/evil spirits, but how the dinosaur hoax has allowed the Evolution Theory to grow, which is being taught to our youth in public schools, who are our most vulnerable and impressionable. Since I have written this book, I know that God has told many people and there are books and documentaries/films out there now, but most, if not all of them don't have the curse of the serpent or dragon that occurred during the time of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:14.  The fossils left behind belong to the dragons' or serpents' and they aren't extinct, but live amongst us today and we commonly called them snakes. Like people, animals also have DNA and once the testing is done on the fossils of the serpent and the spine of the cursed dragon- it will be concrete scientific evidence that they are the same.


 What has surprised you the most about the response to the book, namely what you reveal about dinosaurs?

The biggest surprise to me is when people read the book, watch my book video presentation, read my press release, or hear me lecture about it, most can understand this great mystery of what REALLY happened to the dinosaurs! It's amazing to see the power of God move with this revelation knowledge that must continue to be told to people until God accomplishes what He wants to fulfill.


  Patricia, there are a lot of people that feel as though one of the problems with education today is that God is being kept out of the schools. What are your thoughts about that, and how do you feel about a discussion of faith being encouraged in the public school system?

Cyrus, that is a great question and God's answer to that is He wants to be back in the public school system. Many times, God has allowed people to make their own decisions and choices, because of the free will that He has given to us. However, with that we all fall short and it teaches us lessons of how God needs to direct our paths for us to not fail by using His holy word as the foundation. This is one of those situations where some made the wrong decision and we have paid a costly price for it- with our children being lied to about who they are and not the truth about them being created in God's wonderful image.


 What do you hope people take away from the book, and what would you like to see it brought to life as a documentary or on the big screen?

It is my hope, prayer, and expectation that I will be able to do a documentary or a movie; however, the main target for me now is to stay on my course to see God remove The Evolution Theory from public schools, which will inevitably have to be presented to The Supreme Court for them to overturn their previous misguided ruling.


 Going back to what a lot of people are dealing with right now, any advice you have for individuals who feel helpless right now because of their current situations in life?

Cyrus, I would encourage them to get close to God and remain close even when things are going well. God is watching how we handle our trials,  tribulations, and "good days". Victory is always on the horizon, but God wants us to appreciate Him before and after the victory or breakthrough that He will give to us.  Some soon forget His love and how He brings us through and God doesn't have a problem with reminding us.


People around this time of the year begin making New Year's Resolutions. What about you, and if you do, what's yours for 2011?

My New Year's Resolutions are to continue to "walk by faith and not by sight" and to be bold with doing God's will with treating people with love, dignity, and respect. With these ways, God will honor my obedience and I will continue to see His power manifested in what I am doing for His glory, purpose, and plan.


Thank you for your time, Patricia. How can our readers find out more information about you and your book?

Cyrus, thank you again for this great opportunity to interview me. I can be reached at:  and  My unique book is available on thousands of websites, including Amazon.

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