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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Singer/Songwriter Julie Geller: Using Music to Connect the World

by Cyrus Webb

If you are looking for someone who is able to marry quality lyrics with soothing music, then Denver-based folk and Jewish singer/songwriter Julie Geller is someone you should know.

I became aware of her due to her writing the song “If You Believe” for my friend Dafna Michaelson and the Journey Institute, but after I visited her website and listened to more, I was definitely hooked. Since that time she has been a guest of mine on Conversations LIVE, and she was profiled about 5 years ago in the pages of Conversations Magazine. This year it is an honor to have the opportunity of introducing our readers to her work as one of Conversations' 25 Women Changing the World.

For Julie, she knew at a young age that this was what she was supposed to be doing with her life. It has been a pleasure of hers to now see that dream fulfilled in a large way. She's been writing music since she was about 16, and she remembers about 7 or 8 years ago someone told her you have to write not just about yourself. 'If you want your music to be really powerful,' they shared through some notes, 'you have to write about something bigger than yourself.'  Julie was able to receive that message and has used it to touch people around the world.

Over the years she has released albums and shared her music with enthusiastic audience, but in 2010 she released You're With Me—her third album—and has found it to be one of her most moving to date. "I think I use my music to heal me," she told me during our conversation on the radio show this year, "and then it reaches other people as well. I know when I'm writing a song and I get chills, I know if I'm feeling moved it will move someone else."

I asked her what it's been like to realize and walk in her own personal power. Julie said this: "It's definitely been a growth process for me. I think over time I've become more open about myself and people appreciate that. You have to do it step by step. I think that's what people respond to: a sense of real humanity."

Julie Geller is living proof of what can be accomplished in your life ‘if you believe.’ Discover more about her and the music at

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