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Sunday, January 1, 2012


In life we find ourselves trying to understand the world we live in. There are events that happen all around us that make an impact, but we sometimes forget about the larger scheme of things that trickle down to where we are.

The same can be said about good and evil. We know they exist, but what do we really understand about their place. Ask yourself: Is a person automatically one or the other? Is it possible for both to exist to some degree in us all? And if they can be within us at the same time, what makes one become dominate over the other?

These questions are important to me and others because of our fascination with knowing about how and why things happen. For that reason, many turn to the Bible for answers. It seems from the emergence of so many denominations and religions, however, that not everyone is happy with just one explanation for everything.

It was in a conversation with Cyrus Webb (known to many of you as C. A. Webb) that he told me about the idea for a book dealing with the end of the world. That in itself was nothing new, but Cyrus wondered what if the person responsible for causing the end of mankind was also the person credited for giving birth to it? He meant Eve. Now that was something new.

Within days of the initial conversation, Cyrus had the entire book outlined. He wanted to release it as a four-part serialized e-book and novella, similar to the style of Charles Dickens and what Stephen King accomplished with The Green Mile. He even knew what the title of the series would be. It was one word that he felt as though summarized the storyline and his idea.

He called it Blessed.

You are about to enter part one of this journey. In The Beginning will guide you into the lives of those who have come face to face with good and evil and must decide which they can live with the most.

It is the hope of the author and myself that Blessed will remind you of just how precious life is and how quickly the things we make important in our lives can be taken away.

Enjoy, and remember to live each day as if it is your last---because for some of you it just might be.

---Stanley Clark

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