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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Conversations' 10 Dog-Gone Great Books For Spring

by Cyrus Webb
This time of year I am known to focus on books that have themes that are of interest to me and that I believe others will enjoy as well. Not surprisingly I have been reading alot of titles over the past several months that have man's and woman's best friend as its focal point. That's right: this list is going to the dogs!
As you will see this list includes fiction and non-fiction books, giving something for everyone. Make sure to add one or more of them to your own reading list and feel free to let me know what you think.
* "Charlie" by Barbara Lampert (Langdon Street Press)
* "Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure" by K. S. Brooks (Cambridge Books)
* "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" by Spencer Quinn (Atria Books)
* "Your Dog Is Your Mirror" by Kevin Behan (New World Library)
* "Miracle Man" by Robert Haas (Bascom Hill)
* "All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog" by Martin P. Levin (Skyhorse Publishing)
* "Bad Dog (A Love Story)" by Martin Kihn (Pantheon Books)
* "Cujo" by Stephen King (Penguin Books)
* "Erik's Hope" by Andrea Chilcote and Sara Burden (Crimson Oak Publishing)
* "Goodbye, Friend" by Gary Kowalski (New World Library)
Have your own favorite title featuring dogs? I would love to hear about it! Email me at It might be featured in an upcoming post or in Conversations Magazine!
Happy reading!


  1. I just loved Barbara Lampert's book, Charlie. As a dog lover (currently living with a not-really-a-substitute cat), I was moved not only by the obvious courage of Charlie as he conquered one medical crisis after another, but with the tremendous patience, dedication, and heart revealed by Barbara. On a roughly parallel track, the book also follows the development of her magnificent garden in Malibu. You can almost see the plants growing, and the meandering pathways developing under Barbara’s meticulous care. Anyone who loves animals (especially, but not exclusively dogs) or is into gardening, will find something in this book to cherish.

  2. Anyone who has ever shared their life with an animal knows the day arrives when the relationship ends. "Goodbye Friend" includes chapters on self-care, creating a memorial for your animal companion, explaining death to children, and dealing with accidental and traumatic loss, written from an interfaith perspective and drawing on my 30 years of experience helping families cope with grief as a parish minister. Readers of "Goodbye Friend" might also want to check out my other titles at Thanks!

  3. My niece and her grandfather have been exploring the outdoors this week with Mr. Pish's Woodland Adventure. Great way to pass time during April vacation.