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Monday, April 9, 2012

Conversations LIVE Radio's 200th Guest of 2012: Jonathan Hull

On Thursday, March 22, 2012 Conversations LIVE Radio celebrated another milestone: it's 200th guest of the year!

At the beginning of the year host Cyrus Webb announced that the show would be broadcasting three times a day, averaging almost 80 guests a month.  In late February he interviewed his 100th guest (award-winning author Olaf Olafsson) and its 200th guest was writer Jonathan Hull.

During the interview Hull discussed that through hard times and reflecting that he got the vision to love and share love unconditionally. By listening to the voice (to God) he has been able to rise above the things in the world that can bring you down, and he has been using every day as a learning experience. 

Eleven days before he turned 30 (he is now 32) he heard these words: "Love. Build Bridges. Write a book." It took him six to eight books to think about what he was going to do, and then one day he grabbed his laptop, a change of clothes and $100 and headed to the casino. There he won $1000 and knew that he was going to Hawaii to write a book and would along the way assist and learn from people. Through his process he told Webb that he has learned to listen without his ears. He pays attention to his heart.

To commemorate National Poetry Monthy Jonathan lent his poem "Is That Me?" to Conversations Magazine. Enjoy!

Is That Me?
Can't see yourself in the mirror? Have the right idea, but no way to steer? 
Have you lost the ability to think in the clear?
Maybe it's one thing that we forget about, but all hold dear.
Perseverance will help you steer, Perseverance will stare at you very clear back in the mirror..
But only if you can see through your own fear.

What does it mean to Persevere?
Something that is in all of us, but often forgot
Something that comes up when we don't have what we thought. Something that knocks, and disagrees when we have what we think we see.
Some can hang, some can't. Is it by chance? Or do you think you're already there and you've danced your last dance??

You see, you will always have the chance to be and see through whatever your troubles, hurt or demons may be. The question is;
Can you see you and who yourself are supposed to be?
Some take years to get it. Some never do...
Quite sad really. Do you?

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