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Friday, May 18, 2012

Angelina Lavo: The Face & Future of Pop Music

by Cyrus Webb

If you are looking for the personalization of what living your life on purpose is look no further than singing sensation Angelina Lavo.

Born in Russia it has taken less than  three years for her to take America by storm, and the world is soon to follow. I was introduced to her earlier this year as she was preparing for the release of her album RISQUE. After just three years in the states and after the release of her Youtube track SPACE COWBOYS the numbers that Angelina has been able to generate to her music and her journey as an artist are truly astounding: over 995k Youtube views and over 136k stay in contact with her through Facebook and Twitter---this from someone who came to the United States knowing no one.

"I first realized that I loved singing when I was about 4 or 5," Angelina told me during our conversation. "I would be running around the house singing and performing for my grandmother." It was that same grandmother who would take her to a musical school at the age of 6. That experience would change Angelina's life. "I knew at that point that I wanted music to be a part of my life."

And be a part of her life it became, and along the way she became a part of it as well. Now she is the one who is inspiring others through her story and her music. "It makes me feel really happy," she says. "I didn't expect when I started that I would have this kind of response. I truly appreciate everyone who connects with me and pushes me to do more work and to work even harder."

Though she will probably be seen as a pop artist, what Angelina Lavo brings to the world through her songs is more than just one genre. I asked her how she defined her sound. "It is pop and dance mixed with club and Hip Hop," she explained. It is impact because of her eclectic sound that she has been able to capture the attention of individuals like Grammy award-winning producer Omen.  He along with others in the industry have definitely been singing her praises, and this is something else that means alot to the talented singer.

"To have someone like Omen in my corner means alot to me," Angelina says. "He respects my work ethic and my business. I even call him my music papa. He's the one who started working with me, believed in me when know one even knew me at that point. He has done so much: supported me mentally and emotionally. When I look back on all of the success he is definitely one of those people I will not forget in my life. He's not just looking at me as an artist. He's concerned about me as a person."

When I talked with Angelina on Conversations LIVE she was celebrating the release of her singles CIRCUS ACT and JEALOUS GIRLS, both of which showcase and celebrate who she is as an artist and entertainer. Because I knew some people would raise their eyebrows at the title of the album (Risque), I asked her what it meant. I have to admit that I wasn't really expecting the answer.
"I decided to name it RISQUE, because it comes from my personal life. I've experienced all of what I sing about on this album. I have taken such great risks, everything from moving to America three years ago not knowing any one to deciding I was going to pursue my music no matter what. I look at what I have achieved, and I know it is directly related to the risks I have taken. I wanted to share with people my journey and let them know through my life that they should never be scared to take some risks because you never know what you can achieve."

This is really the true definition of what it means to live a purposeful life. Angelina was willing to put it all on the line in order to pursue and share the gift she knew she had been given. It is because of who she is and what she believes that I truly think that through her we are looking at the face and future of pop music.

What does Angelina Lavo want her fans to know? "I would like to say that I really love you. I appreciate every single person that I meet in my life. Every time I am introduced to someone I feel like God is giving me someone to add to the next part of my journey in life.  Everybody's support means the world to me."

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