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Friday, May 18, 2012

PROFILE: Life Coach Vicy Wilkinson

by Cyrus Webb

You can tell so much about her by just the smile.

Vicy Wilkinson and I were classmates up through high school and after almost a decade apart we were reunited through the power of Facebook. I had no doubt that she was going to do something powerful with her life, but I had no idea that the path she was on was so much in sync with my own.

Vicy is a life coach with the Life Coaching Institute. She is not just finding purpose in her own life but helping others to channel their inner strength and purpose as well.

 I welcomed Vicy to be a guest on Conversations LIVE recently, and through that discussion she shared with me and our listening audience how her own journey had taken her down a path of self-awareness. She was able to realize something that she now shares with others: you have the tools you need to be the person you want to me.

"It's not about starting over," Vicy shared. "It's about beginning where you are." That is something all of us can do. No matter what has happened in our lives or where we might have come from, what unites us all is the ability to be able to begin anew. "Instead of living like a flag blowing in the breeze, you can live like a mountain."

I learned so much from Vicy during our time together on the air, and I think that it shows the benefit of working together. "None of us are an island," she told our listeners. We not only will be in need of help ourselves but may need to be there for others. Helping people get to that place in their lives where they can trust and believe in themselves brings Vicy great joy. As she was able to be assisted to help others, now she finds herself being able to do the same through the Life Coaching Institute. Way to go, Vicy!

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