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Monday, February 6, 2017

Actor Jessie T. Usher Celebrates the Beginning of Another Great Year

Actor Jessie T. Usher is starting 2017 on a big high. Not only is he preparing the new season of his hit show SURVIVOR'S REMORSE on Starz, but ALMOST CHRISTMAS, the movie that was the #1 Comedy in 2016 gets released on DVD and Blue-Ray on Tues. Feb. 7th.

"It's been amazing," he told Conversations' Cyrus Webb about the experience of seeing how everything is unfolding for him. "It's fun to do the work, and to get the response is even better." Looking at how the year is already shaping up he added: "It's a great thing to enjoy the project you're working on, but to have people enjoy it as well is a bonus." 

Jessie has had the pleasure of being a part of some amazing projects over his career, and he says he looks forward to doing even more. "I feel like I'd like to change it up some more," he told Webb when discussing the variety of roles he has been able to play. "That's the beauty of the art. It's like an escape route to just release whatever is inside of you in an artistic way."

His work is definitely getting him noticed, but Jessie says that is still taking some getting used to. "It's really cool, but it's different," he says when discussing having his fans reach out to him. "I'm still not 100% used to it yet," he added, but he appreciates the fact that they are enjoying his work.

One of the perks of doing what he loves is that he is also able to work with so many talented people. "It takes my passion to the next level," he says. To go from being just fans of individuals to working with them is for Jessie "exciting and mind-blowing."

Stay connected with Jessie on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to the entire conversation with host Cyrus Webb below. 

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