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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Singer/Author Chante' Moore Celebrates the REAL ONE w/new single

by Cyrus Webb

For years recording artist Chante' Moore has been the go-to artist for songs of empowerment and love. Whether it was the global hit CHANTE'S GOT A MAN or songs like GIVING YOU MY ALWAYS, she seems to be able to put into words what so many wish they could say about what they are feeling.

Now as she is gearing up for her next album release she teases fans with the new single REAL ONE. Almost an extension of CHANTE'S GOT A MAN, the single talks about the leery feeling some feel about trusting someone again but realizing that the one they now have is the real deal and should be appreciated.

During my conversation with Ms. Moore we talked about her love of music and how she has extended her outreach to her fans with the book "Will I Marry Me?". Talking about her relationship she has with her loyal listeners she told me "That's the best part of all of it. I do love making music, but they (the fans) make the difference from day to day."

Ms. Moore also uses her public appearances and online presence to encourage her fans to rise and thrive as well. That inspiration is something she got honestly. "My mother instilled that point of view, to always be positive no matter what," she told me. Though she is in a competitive industry and it has its challenges, she says she can't give it up---and the fans keep her going. Ms. Moore says the comments and support from her fans are her "Grammys". "Those people, the lives that I touch, make it worth it. I can't let it go. They touch my heart in such a way that I get encouraged."

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Listen to our full interview below.

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