Wednesday, April 8, 2020

WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Teresa A. Smith, Author/Motivational Speaker/Media Personality

by Cyrus Webb

Having seen the amazing work she has done over the past two years there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Teresa A. Smith or Dr. TAS as she has become known is a warrior. 

She's an author, motivational speaker, media personality and an individual that I am glad to call not just a client but a friend. 2020 is already a big year for her, with her own radio segment and new books in the works. This chat takes you back to the beginning. 

Hello, Teresa. Thanks so much for your time. Your book STRONGER is so inspiring and full of lessons I think readers from all walks of life can learn from. How does it feel to see the response?
It is humbling. As an author and motivational speaker, I work diligently to develop my message in a style that is intriguing and thought-provoking. When readers say my story is theirs and thank me for sharing, it’s confirmation I completed the task correctly.

 You are so candid about your life and challenges in the book. Was that an easy decision to make?
In STRONGER, it was easy to be transparent about my truth. I learned early in life not to misrepresent facts so that others are comfortable with their reality. Being candid is a necessary part of my healing.

 You have shown through your own life that we can be stronger than our circumstances, however, fear stops so many. You have a saying about fear I think readers will appreciate. Share that with us, please.
Fear is a normal emotional response to a perceived threat to one’s well-being. When experienced, we can either run away or fight. To fight for my well-being, I changed my perspective of fear to Face Everything And Rise.

 You definitely are a survivor, Teresa. What gave you the strength to press forward in life?
I found my personal mantra in God and the knowledge that my birth and following life events did not occur by coincidence. My existence is part of a broader matrix which positively intertwines my life with other people.

Not only are you an author and motivational speaker, you are also an entrepreneur. Talk with us about what it’s been like to build your own brand.
I spent much of my career working in human services and am known as a helper. As an entrepreneur, my brand focuses on assisting others with living their best life whether it’s working to repair credit, promoting medical care, or helping those with chronic pain. When I reflect on my brand, I realize giving back to others has always been at the core of my being.

 Our self-talk is so important. You address that in Stronger. Why do we have to be careful what we spoke over others and ourselves?
Self-talk is an intrinsic part of the self-fulfilling prophecy, the physical manifestation of our expectations. Self-talk is our internal dialogue usually driven by our ideas, emotions, and identity. When negative views dominate discussions about self or other individuals, we are less likely to be effective. To combat negative assumptions, we have to engage in productive exchanges with self and other people, so our beliefs support growth.

Your faith and belief in God definitely come through in the book. How has it helped you in moving forward in life?
My faith and trust in God continue in everything. My relationship with God provides reassurance that I can’t find in a man. When I might falter, God always sends a reader or DRTASLIVEAT9 listener who’ll share what my work has meant to them.

When people finish Stronger what do you hope they are able to see about what’s possible for them?
When people finish Stronger, I hope they understand challenges are normal and often bring life lessons. Further, I hope it motivates them to own their truth and devise a plan to reach their goals. I am a living example that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

 Thanks again for your time. How can our readers stay connected with you and get STRONGER for themselves?
Thank you for a wonderful interview! Readers can connect with me via the following:
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