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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Danitza, what a year you are having: attending your first Grammy Awards and enjoying lots of modeling opportunities. What has it been like to see your dreams coming true?
It has been an absolute blessing. I am very fortunate to have been so accepted in an industry where most think it is very critical. However, in my experience the modeling industry is very protective and accepting. We become like family and that is always nice to have especially if you anyone is going through anything and need a shoulder to lean on.  Having family, friends, and fans supporting you makes it much easier to keep pushing for your goals and dreams.

The Grammys was one of my big highlights of the year and wearing an amazing $8000 dress designed by the international designer Odalys Marino. I also was able to work with Celebrity Makeup Artist Marissa Tomaino the daughter of Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars) and an award-winning competitive hair stylist Angelica Fernandez. I was also able to model in so many shows this year with very talented designers such as Pamela Roehm (Roehm Couture), DeJohnea Thorpe (DeJohnea Bianca), Jacka Saldana (Jacka Couture), Vanessa Froehling (Froehling Couture), Spanx, and so many others. Some of my favorite shows have been with Rougue Productions, Tampa Bay Fashion Week, St Pete Fashion Week (Donna Crowley - Lux Entertainment), Orlando International Fashion Week (Fierce Entertainment). I also was published in my first pinup coffee table book that was shot in an antique shop in Florida with Franco Ortiz as well as two pinup magazines.

It has been an honor to have met these talented people and so many more as they see my light and push me. Some even had me as their first plus size model as they recognize the industry has a need for exclusivity.

We had an opportunity to talk on Conversations LIVE the radio show about your journey. Tell our readers, though, what led you to modeling.
I started out several years ago very depressed and self-conscious due to going through a divorce and a husband not paying attention to me. I was asked to audition for a pinup calendar and decided to do it to get his attention. I enjoyed it and it made me feel a bit more confident and not ashamed of my body. After that I started doing more shoots just for myself. Then people started recognizing my talent and playfulness/energy in front of the camera. I started getting asked to do more shoots and eventually events and it all started to grow from there. 

I have had times I didn’t feel as great with my work and even wanted to give up. However, I started gaining a following of woman (models and non-models) who would message me telling me how much they loved following my work as it gave them courage to do things, they never thought they ever could. I would take the time to write them back and give them encouraging words to promote them. From there it grew, and I realized I had become a role model to so many other women. My platform is promoting woman of all sizes so they know they can be beautiful inside and out no matter their size, color, religion, creed etc. This is what keeps me going.

Our mutual friend, recording artist MLN, introduced us. How important has it been for you to surround yourself with people who keep you motivated as well as push you?
I feel it is always good to have people surrounding you who help encourage and lift you up. Even as a role model you can have days you feel not good enough or down on your spirits. Sometimes you need that extra push to keep going. I have been fortunate enough to know MLN since middle school growing up in a small town where everything revolves around football. So we made it a goal to show others you can do more than that. I have also been fortunate to have met so many amazing woman (and men) who have been successful in their lives. I know many people who have tried and failed at things and kept going. They are intelligent and wise and help give you lots of advice and encouragement. I would always recommend to anyone looking at trying to be successful in life to surround yourself with successful people who can mentor you and keep you on track.

Fear is one of the things that stops so many. How have you not allowed it to deter you?
Fear can definitely hinder a person from the smallest of things all the way up to life changing events. It all goes back to keeping yourself surrounded by successful people. Also having a good network of family, friends, and fans to help encourage you and keep pushing you to do better in life. In modeling or any business, hobby, etc there can be times that not everything will be perfect, but the show must go on as they say. I am a bit of a perfectionist so when things are not perfect it creates fear and anxiety in me. Someone once told me to sit back and ask yourself, “Did you do the best you can do?” If the answer is yes, then there is nothing more you can do other than know you tried and that is what matters.

Outside of your own success you have also been able to inspire others. How does that feel?
Yes, seeing as many women were starting to follow me, I realized I had become a role model and inspiration to many others. With my platform being “Promoting Women of all sizes.” I have had newer models reach out to me for advice as well as seasoned models who just need words of encouragement to keep going. I have had woman write to me saying that they saw my courage to get out there a s a plus size model and it encouraged them to try things they never thought they ever could such as sky diving, doing a boudoir shoot for a wedding, to just simple things. 

Knowing you are an inspiration and role model can be frazzling but rewarding. I do not see myself as a popular or a famous person but having others approach you for photos with them or advice is the best feeling.

What should our readers be on the look out for from you this year?
The Grammys was one of my big highlights of the year. I just shot the cover of Prolific Quarterly Magazine with their inspiring team. The magazine edition is set to be released the first week of March. I also have several other magazine shoots scheduled for the year and many more fashion shows. I post upcoming shows and events online so my fans can follow what is coming up.

Thanks again for the time. How can we stay connected with you?
My fans can follow me on Facebook at Danitza Snow Zar or Instagram Danitza_SnowZar. I do take the time to write back to people if they reach out to me.

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