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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

[Movie Review] AboutFace Media outdid itself with this one. FATED REUNION is a must-watch!

 I have seen other productions from AboutFace Media, but this is by far my favorite.

FATED REUNION has a bit of it all: life lessons, love lessons, humor, social issues and facing consequences.

We meet Mandy Sanders, someone who has found success professionally but dealing with the past. When an opportunity comes to face some of those in that past she takes it, but decides not to do it alone. That leads to meeting Dante, someone is also doing well for himself. Helping out a friend initially he meets Mandy. Though it's not the welcome he was expecting it plants a seed that we see blossom as the film goes on.

Not to spoil it for anyone I'll say this: we see Mandy and Dante dealing with life, expectations and secrets that come up from the past. Will it bring them closer together or force them apart?

I honestly couldn't turn away from this movie, afraid I might miss something. It's just THAT GOOD. A great film that men and women can watch and enjoy---and maybe learn some lessons of our own.

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