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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Singer Antoine Dunn: A Rising Star You 'Can't Forget'

by Cyrus Webb

Recording artist Antoine Dunn finds himself in a unique position of not just living out his dreams but inspiring others along the way. The Cleveland, OH native is someone who is not only confident about his gift but determined to use the attention he is garnering to make a difference each day.

It was in middle school that Antoine started getting serious about music. There he was a member of a choir and saw it as an opportunity to do something more with his gift.

"I first saw writing as an ability to express myself and to wind down," he told me during our phone interview. "It was more an outlet just for me." By high school, though, he began to widen out and express his musical talents with others.

Now his music is being shared with the world, beginning with his first single "Can't Forget." "It's been really fulfilling and eye-opening," he says. "I see myself as being in a position to reach people that I probably wouldn't be able to otherwise. Doing this and being in the public allows you the ability to influence and inspire others."

When I asked him about how he deals with the challenges we all face and those who try to steal our dreams, Antoine said this: One of the ways I stay focused is that I've never really referred to this as a dream. For me the desires of my heart are goals, and going after those goals keeps me motivated."

Some will listen to Antoine's single "Can't Forget" and try and label him as just another R&B singer. That would be a mistake. "For me music transcends genres," he told me "My music incorporates many styles and includes elements from different genres." He says this allow him to reach a larger audience.

As he is performing on stage and sharing his music with audiences both online and in person Antoine told me that he truly believes he is living his purpose. "Their support is confirmation that this is what I was meant to do."

Some artists and individuals that I interview have been hesitate to say they see themselves as role models or take on that responsibility. Antoine Dunn fully embraces it. "Music is so powerful," he says. "People can hear a song and that can be life-changing for them. I love being a role model, because I believe it is part of my responsibility to help point people in the right direction if I can."

One of the main ways Antoine has been able to keep up with his fans and introduce his music has been through social networking sites like Twitter. He uses it to keep in contact those following him and even uploads pictures from his studio sessions and events. For him it helps to build more of a personal relationship with them.

What advice does he give for those looking to break into the industry? "Keep entertaining the possibility," he says. "As long as someone believes it will lead you to where you want to go."

Look for Antoine Dunn's single "Can't Forget" to be available on I-Tunes November 1, 2011. In the meantime watch the video for the song here:

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