Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Conversations Magazine, March/April 2024

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Becoming the Best You" with John-Westley Dean

Hello to my new Conversation followers.  I'm John-Westley Dean your Health,Fitness,and Beauty GuRu. Through this feature I will be informing you the reader of the latest Health, Fitness ,and Beauty secrets of Hollywood elite.

Hollywood Ready in 30 workout program consists of a 30 day life changing Health & Fitness Routine. I use the word routine because it requires establishing a daily regimen.  

1st step is to set a realistic goal of being honest with yourself and your body. 

 2nd step is to map out your workout days. Important point to mention about your program is that it will require at least 5 days of commitment for success. Three days a week, 40 minutes of cardio is mandatory and required. The reason for 40 minutes is because the body needs at least 10 minutes to warm up and a additional 5 minutes to reach the fat burning zone. 

 3rd step is to set a time during the day that is most convenient for exercise. In addition to a cardio regimen, is the need for strength training to achieve the Hollywood look. Strength training is important to effectively build lean muscle and lose body fat. At least 2-3 days a week you need strength training. Typical categories for strength training consists of exercising chest with triceps, back with biceps, and legs with shoulders. Important point to mention is strength training maximizes fat burning.  Always keep a fast tempo during your routine with 3 sets of 15-20 reps (minimum) with 30-40 second rest between each set. 

4th step is to put together a structured nutritional meal plan. There are several meal plans to devise, but I suggest a plan with lots of water, high protein, low fat,and good clean carbohydrate foods. Specifically, protein will come from fish ,chicken, and lean cuts of meats. Low fat foods consist of steamed or fresh vegetables,fruits,& nuts. Good carbohydrates consist of brown rice,baked/sweet potatoe. Important point to mention are foods to avoid sweets, ice cream, cheese, fried foods, breads (white) If you ever cheat, never eat before bed

 5th and final step is to set an alarm clock to go off every 2 - 3 hours. Why? This alarm means feed the Machine a.k.a your Body! 

All 5 steps provide a basic start to a Lifestyle change. If you stay consistent with the program,then you should see a change in your body structure every 7 days. Remember Stay focused & Stay motivated.

Congratulations on changing your Lifestyle for a Healthier you. Keep me informed with your progress by sending your before and after photos to Stay in touch with me on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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