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Saturday, November 3, 2012

REVIEW: "The 12 Principles to Wellness" by Eleanor R.

 From fat, bloated, and on the brink of disaster to healthy, slim, and successful, Eleanor R. tells how The 12 Principles to Wellness can save your life and then your soul. She will take you through a journey of self-discovery both heart-wrenching and humorous. Eleanor writes honestly and vividly about how she has realized her dreamed of life by surrendering that which she thought she could not give up: first alcohol and then flour and sugar. Over her twenty-six-year journey, she shares a host of epiphanies and epic discoveries that transform her from a non-believer to a true believer. One by one, she tackles the issues of life that can often cause a person to go back to addictive behavior. It is a story of hope, joy, and the triumph over self to understand that a joyful life is cultivated with the right thinking, which leads to the healthy behavior. Eleanor's first book, The Disease of More, set the stage. This book continues the chronology of overcoming the devastation of teenage bulimia and alcoholism that continued into young adulthood but was ultimately healed. She tells the story of hitting bottom, self examination, redemption, and self-actualization using the 12 Principles that she sets forth as a formula for success. This story of persistence and reaching for the knowledge of one's own soul in order to grow proves that one must do more than just put down the first drink or the first bite in order to get well. It is written for people seeking a better way of life, in and out of the rooms of the twelve-step programs everywhere

Conversations Book Club's Review of THE 12 PRINCIPLES TO WELLNESS
After reading Eleanor R.'s book THE DISEASE OF MORE, I knew that she would be an individual whose personal journey would inspire and encourage us all to live each day to the fullest. In her book THE 12 PRINCIPLES TO WELLNESS she takes us a little deeper into what it takes to be happy, healthy and the best of ourselves---and it all begins with the choice.

Using her experiences as a backdrop, Eleanor reminds us that we are all not as different as we might at times seem or even believe. Using tips that will not only motivate us but allow us to focus on particular areas that need extra work and attention, we are able to move forward in our relationship with ourselves and others, too.

For many the truth is that as Eleanor realized sometimes we have to be torn down in order to be built the right way. The "right way" doesn't mean we will be perfect, but it does mean that we will be accepting of who we are, what we bring to the world and more importantly what we deserve. Being at peace and being well really starts with the mind and the important decision that we can be the person we most admire. We can have the qualities that we seek, but we have to be willing to do the work.

I finished this book reminded not only of the greatness that is inside of us all, but how much of it is hid by the stuff we put before it. Eleanor came to realize not just that there was a Creator but that He loved her and wanted nothing but the best for her. When she was able to grasp that and believe it, she was able to move forward in a renewed way that helped her in various areas of her life and now thanks to her book can help us as well.

Simply delivered and powerful from chapter to chapter, THE 12 PRINCIPLES TO WELLNESS reminds us that truth healing takes place from the inside out.


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